Bryan has a favorite restaurant that he loves to visit when he goes home to Kennewick to visit family. This place is called Inca and it has GREAT Mexican food. We didn’t get to go for Bryan’s birthday because of some other plans, but on our way out of town Saturday we couldn’t resist stopping there as our last thing to do in the Tri-cities.

We decided the only way to get the kids to behave at a restaurant was to bribe them. We said they could each have a quarter if they were good in the restaurant. Both Isaac and Micah were thrilled and behaved beautifully. Man, we looked like good parents! Isaac hardly complained about the food, he sat there pleasantly eating, he even ate something. Micah was just about the same. Reece was so happy munching on chips and salsa. I could hardly believe how he loved the salsa. He finished of his own bowl of it!

A small picture of Reece eating salsa, taken with our cell phone

I thought I would order light and just get a small bowl of soup and a side order tamale. Little did I know that the bowl of soup should really have been called a pot. Oh man, it was big. Bigger than my head. Bigger in diameter than Reece is! It was delicious, but so hard to finish. I couldn’t even do it. And my poor tamale.. I only took two bites! How could I not finish something so good? There was just no more room for anything else in my stomach after having consumed less than half of my bowl of soup. Next time I go to Inca, I need to remember that they give huge portions. And just so you know, try the cup of soup instead.

After the meal Isaac and Micah found just how to spend their big money. Outside the bathroom (next to the bar of all places) there were the little treasure tower things where you put in a quarter and hope to get out something good like a gumball, bouncy ball, slime, or fake teeth, etc. They were in heaven. I only had two quarters though, which I now find is a mistake since I actually have three boys. I thought Reece was too young to understand, or even care, but oh no, that kid wanted to put a quarter in just like the others! He’s growing up too darn fast! He never got the quarter, but I have learned my lesson… three of EVERYTHING from now on. Or suffer the consequences.