Friday night I did some quick calls and some knocks on doors to invite anyone who was free to come play soccer at our neighborhood park and we had a ton of fun. It ended up being 6 parents versus 12+ kids (the toddlers wandering around don’t count for a full player, more like a handicap to the adults) and there were some awesome moves to be seen on the playing field! Alas, the kids creamed the adults.

The parents may be “old,” but I was amazed. Our friend Jonathan Hale was dressed in business clothes even. And our neighbor Bruce had some moves as he blocked the ball right and left. And Paco, our neighbor from Guadalajara, says he doesn’t play soccer. That high kick he did to save the ball says otherwise. If he is the worst player from Mexico, then I am afraid that everyone over there must be formidable on the field.

I can’t believe just how much fun we had. It was fun to run around out there with the kids and have a little bit of friendly competition. We drew kids from all over the park and they all had fun and were even careful of the toddlers who were wandering around on the playing field. In fact, some of these kids were the most behaved that I had ever seen them! We really felt a sense of community that night. It was great!