I played a trick on Ily today. I wish. She actually played a trick on herself, but I helped a little. She likes to re-use old plastic tubs from margarine or cottage cheese to store left overs in the fridge. She asked me to get the cottage cheese out for dinner this evening and so I did. Part way through the meal she grabbed the cottage cheese and must have noticed that the container was looking old because she said, “I better make sure this is still good.” As she cautiously opened the lid, half expecting to be greeted by a funky smell, she literally screamed and jumped half way out of her chair. The contents of the container were a very dark brown. I was a pretty shocked myself. I’d seen some seriously sour milk on my mission (nothing special about Croatia, just 19-year olds), but never had I seen a dairy product look like this.

Isaac was the first to say what it really was out loud. “That’s frosting!”, he exclaimed. It was bark colored frosting left over from his campfire cake. With the tension broken we all burst into laughter as Ily sighed in relief that insides of our fridge hadn’t been that neglected. Nothing like a good whole-family laugh. Thanks, Ily.


Leann February 18, 2009 at 2:16 p.m.