When we moved in a block or so away from the Cottonwood Heights Rec Center, we decided we might as well get a full membership. It turns out that includes ice skating and skate rentals during any public skate session. We didn’t get real motivated to try it out until Isaac’s school class walked down the street to go skating one day. He loved it and asked for lessons. Ily signed up Isaac and Micah once school got out, and they had a great time. They were very excited to show me their new skills, so I took the boys skating, even Reece. Micah and Isaac showed him how to fall and stand up, and how to march, and he with his immense confidence, did great.

To get them out of the house and give Mom and Davis some quiet I took them again, and I even took some pictures with my phone (I wasn’t doing well enough to remember the camera). Check 'em out! (click on the picture)

And my attempt at filming while skating. Check out Isaac’s sk1llz:


dad murdock July 4, 2010 at 3:05 p.m.

Is that Isaac Murdock, or Isaac Getsky? Looking good on the frozen pond.