Because Reece was sick those few weeks back, I had to hang around the house too much. That just means that I get ancy and find some big project to do. The crazy involved project I chose this time was gonna be that I paint my bedroom, but I decided that was too much furniture to move and since I didn’t already have paint for it, I moved on to the sewing room instead. I had an extra gallon of the office paint and new it would be enough for the sewing room. Plus there is less furniture in that room to move. Bonus.

Small details include that I hate the ceiling in my office because it looks gray and ruins the look of the pretty wall color. Plus it has a flat finish (traditional for ceilings) on it but that finish sucks in the light and makes the room seem really dark even though it has a really great light fixture and good lightbulbs. So I went and bought a different paint for the ceiling in the sewing room to see if it made a difference. Wow, it looks TONS better! I bought an eggshell finish (reflects more light) of a brighter shade of white and I just love it. The room is so bright and cheerful- just what I need here in the Great Northwest. Can you guess who will be repainting the ceiling in her office soon?

So now that my sewing room is all cheerful, I just want to hang out in there forever sewing! It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint just really makes a room the place you want to be! This room only has a few pieces of furniture and has no use other than being a place to collect piles and do crafts in, but now I just want to be in there all the time. I have already been excited to make some things and I am just brewing in my head what next I can do. All so I can hang out in that room!

So these pictures of the sewing room aren’t stellar, but you get the idea of the color and the layout. Also notice how neat the room is right now… I doubt it will ever be that neat again!