I saw a play years ago called The Boys Next Door. It is about a group of mentally disabled men and their social worker. It was funny and dramatic and all around wonderful. There were lots of quirky characters who made you just want to laugh and cry. If it ever is being done by a local theater group, you should go to see it. One of the characters has a fetish for his keys. For whatever reason he gets to carry around a huge key ring full of keys to who knows what. If ever anyone tries to touch his keys, or if he misplaces them, or if he worries that they are in danger for any reason he panics and shouts out “ I need my keys!”

I found myself panicking about just like that this week. To preface this story I must admit, I misplace things often. I also admit, that little critters in our house (AKA little boys) move things around without my knowledge and make it interesting to locate stuff too.

Well, I lost my keys. I did have some spare keys, but that spare set doesn’t have a mail key, nor a key to Bryan’s car. The last time I saw my keys was Tuesday or Wednesday when I went swimming for exercise. By Saturday I was really beginning to panic. I had already checked all my coat pockets and the keys weren’t there. I even had the boys check in the toy corner and we had toys everywhere, but no keys. We took the couches apart to see if they had fallen in amongst the cushions. We opened the sofa bed to see if they fell into the mechanisms somehow. We did find some small toys inside the couch, but no keys. I asked all the family who had been here this week if they had seen my keys and none of them could give me a good lead on where to find them.

So in despair, I decided to check my swim bag one last time (no matter that I had checked it a few times before) and there they were in the side pocket. With the huge Sully monster (Monsters INC) on the key chain how could I have missed them? I am such a nerd! I tore the house apart, got intimate with every nook and cranny downstairs and up, searched the cars, bugged all the family with my pleas for help in finding those keys and they were just in my exercise bag. My only question is this: how in the world did I drive home from the club with the keys in my bag instead of in the ignition? Hmmmm…or, do I have mental lapses and not remember things like slipping them into the bag when I get home? I think I need memory exercises.

So to all of the family that I bothered with my key sob story, please forgive me! I found my keys, and I need to surgically attach them to my wrist so I never lose them again!


Kate November 28, 2007 at 12:21 a.m.

I love the play "The Boys Next Door"! I helped direct it in college a couple of years ago. I was dating the guy that played Lucian P. Smith and I have always remembered little funny sayings from that show. Referencing doughnuts and keys always sparked a laugh from my friends. Good memories... I'm glad you found your keys!

Mona November 28, 2007 at 11:30 a.m.

I've seen "The Boys Next Door" three times. The first two times were live and the third time was one of those Hallmark movies. The live production was SOOO much better! They had interpreters for the deaf and it was fascinating to watch that as well.

Glad you found your keys. Sounds like you need one of those electronic gadgets that you attach to the keys and there's a separate base that has a button you push to locate the object. You can keep up with six different items. Some cordless phones have that feature. The missing phone emits a "beep" so that you can locate it. It might work attaching it to children so that you can keep up with them too.

Mindy November 29, 2007 at 3:13 p.m.

So glad you found your keys Ily!