I bought a really cool table and chair set at Goodwill last winter for $200. It came with 12 chairs and 5 leaves. It is enormous when all the leaves are in! It seats 6 at it’s smallest. All the chairs have these neat circle details on the backs and they look retro and fabulous. The table is the sturdiest table we have ever had. It has to be somewhere between 30 and 40 years old I am guessing. It is in amazing condition too.

The only downside is that all the chairs are beautifully upholstered in Lavender silk. Water spots ruin it easily. Guess who drools on them each time he climbs up onto one? Yep, Reece is a prolific drooler still and he happens to love climbing on things.

I came up with a way to make slip covers for each chair using marine vinyl with ribbon trim so they can be wipe-able. They look really cute and they are much more kid friendly now. It took a lot of effort to get around to finishing the first 4 chairs. There were only 8 more to do. And then along comes a reason to finish them…

My friend Maresa is having her first baby and I wanted to throw her a shower. She is very shy and hates to impose on anyone. For someone so shy who claims she doesn’t know that many people, we ended up with about 20+ people coming to the party and I needed seats for them all. Hence, I had to get around to fixing up the rest of the chairs!

Long story made short, I also decided all the bathrooms needed scrubbing too, the kitchen counter needed to be unearthed from the jumble of toys and junk mail that have collected there, the office furniture needed to be found under the collection of papers strewn all over AND dusted AND polished, a cake needed decorating for the party, and then whoops, I am teaching preschool this week too so I better budget my time well so I can plan lessons and teach them AND get everything else done.

I did choose not to can pears or tomatoes before the party. I will put that off until tomorrow even though it is getting to be an urgent need now because everything ripened at once. I had to set some limits, I can’t do everything. Along with that, I found I just couldn’t get all the chairs done in time so I begged some friends for help and they are amazing to have come to my rescue by doing some last minute sewing for me. And thank you Bri for cleaning my stove, it hasn’t looked that good in ages! I did get everything else done… all because of the motivation that 20 people would be at my house today.

So sign me up to host the next party just so that I can have a dang good excuse to finally clean up around here.

PS: The most gratifying thing about hosting a party for adults is that they don’t leave huge messes behind them when they all leave. My house is still clean except for a few that my own kid did. No cake smeared across the floor and couch thanks to the women who came (how did Reece escape from upstairs to make those messes anyhow?).


Julie September 20, 2008 at 1:52 p.m.

You need to post pictures of the chairs!