Ok, so it has been a little over a week since Reece got tubes surgically put in his ears. He is a happy kid, but there have been some drastic changes in him that have occurred this week.

  • Change #1
He actually naps now! Not just catnapping as we go places. He really takes 2 or even 3 really great naps and wakes up really, really, really happy from them. This limits where I can go during the day now, but I think the trade off is worth it.

  • Change #2
He is even happier than he was before. Whoa, how can that be? How can a happy calm kid (except when his ears hurt) become even happier? My guess is he feels good and wants the rest of the world to know about it by being the happiest, cutest little guy ever.

  • Change #3
He has slept thru the night more this week than in the last four months combined. This makes for a very happy Mom!

  • Change #4
OK, so this has no relation to the tubes I am sure, but he has become a very voracious eater now. We started with bananas and applesauce and rice cereal just before Thanksgiving to help him not suffer from antibiotic induced diarrhea (remember 6 ear infections in 4 months means 6 rounds of antibiotics which means…well, diarrhea). He took to the food quickly, and now he wants everything. He loves it all. Even textured food. We went out to dinner at Izzy’s pizza (pizza buffet place with salad and soup too) and he could hardly get enough of their chicken and dumpling soup. He was downing the tapioca pudding, the soups, the Jello, the crackers… And he eats there for free, which equates to awesome for us. We can try all sorts of foods on him there and find out what he likes and doesn’t like with very little cooking on my part, and for very cheap, and the best part is, they clean up the dinner plates too! This kid pounds down the food and I wonder where he puts it all. I predict he will have a growth spurt here soon and get even longer than he already is!