A sad side effect of moving is that you lose stuff. The missing item of importance this month is the camera charger. We have a dead battery on the camera and no way to charge unless we search the house again from top to bottom, or buy a new charger. We know we have used it since we have been in the house, but that does not change the fact that we have no clue where it is at this point.

The reason I mention this is that we have made some nice changes to our home and there is no way to show you all. We have finally gotten the floor in the kitchen put in! Yes, the vinyl we chose was so popular that the company that produces it was back ordered and we waited more than a month for the stuff. And we really like it!

The other awesome house news is that our windows have arrived. They are not installed yet, but they are very energy efficient leaning against the wall in our garage- or something like that. Tomorrow is the big day that they start installing these nifty windows. My guess is that it will snow and be really cold so the installers will be cursing our names.

Other random stuff up this week is that I went to a podiatrist this week because my feet have been hurting for months. Long story made short I have Plantar fasciitis. Not fun, but fixable.

So on to the exciting part of appointment story…. Here is one more thing you should be afraid of…I left the boys with a friend who has 8 kids and they had fun. Just as I got there though disaster struck. I walk in the house to Darla, my friend, dealing rather calmly with a screaming child who is panicking because he has just put a zip tie on his finger so tight that he can’t get it off and she can’t get it off and his finger is turning all shades of purple and swelling. (Shudder!) They run off to insta-care with the crazy swelling finger to get the zip tie tourniquet off. We run home and all talk about how we should never put a zip tie anywhere on our bodies unless we really do need a tourniquet and pray for the little boy that he won’t suffer some really bad side effects. In the end Darla’s son did not lose a finger like we worried he would. Though when she got home from that drama a different son tripped over a shoe and broke his arm which required surgery and pins installed in his elbow. So moral of the story: Who knew a zip tie could be the start of such a crazy dramatic night? Hide them from your children and you just might have a much calmer life.


Jennifer Wise February 2, 2010 at 8:33 a.m.

Yes, we have several "lost" items as well. I was also frustrated right at first when people would ask me "Where does this go?" and I had no idea! (I hate moving.) Well, good luck with the charger cord--I'd love to see the pictures!