Family comes to visit for a major religious event. So what do we do? Party. And go to home Depot, buy a few supplies, and do some home maintenance stuff.

Some home improvements we have done this week that have needed to be done for a really long while.

New thermostat. So easy, so effective. Why didn’t we do it before? Because we didn’t realize a) how easy it was, b) how much better it would work, and c) lack of motivation. Our home has been either way too hot or way too cold for as long as we have lived in it. We could never get the thermostat to work right. Winter time is actually quite warm and toasty in here… too warm. Summer is usually cool, need a sweater cool. We just thought it was something we had to live with. Natural gas prices are projected to rise 40% this winter. With last winter’s highest bill being around $250+, I didn’t want to be heating my house to 85 degrees or higher every day this winter because my thermostat is wonky. Talk about motivation! And for the first time ever we have been comfortable in our house, not too hot or too cold. Nice! New spigot thingy outside for the hose. Now the Scarecrow sprinkler can actually be used without water leaking all over and creating a swamp under the spigot. As a bonus, Bryan and his dad got to feel really cool because they succeeded attempting a slightly involved plumbing job. We fixed the lock on our bathroom door that has been broken for almost all of the 5 years we have lived in this house. We bought a lock to replace it finally only to realize that is was really easy to fix if you actually took the thing apart. Too bad we never took the thing apart before. We could have avoided a lot of embarrassing moments with a lock on that door! Funny how a lack of knowledge of how to fix something makes you willing to live with something undesirable for a long time. I am realizing that job specialization in our society has lead to a great loss of what used to be common knowledge for the greater portion of the populace. I can solve a complicated math problem thanks to my college degree, but not change a lock or fix a running toilet. Now I know that I can do both things and not have to pay someone to come jiggle the handle on the toilet because I have a lack of handiness. I am handy now. Oh yes I am. There should be a college course on “Simple stuff to fix around the house” for people like me who didn’t get taught that stuff while growing up. My parents were too specialized in their own fields to know how to do that stuff I guess. Someday we will get around to finally texturizing and painting that patch on the bathroom wall from when we had to have a plumber come fix the pipe we drilled through. My mother in-law admits that she will show up someday with a can of orangepeel and more paint to fix it if I don’t get around to it soon. How long has that patch been there anyhow? Six months maybe? Probably longer. And the hole that the plumber cut in the wall was probably there for a month until Doug and Diane (the home improving parents-in-law) came over and fixed it for us. I have a lack of motivation right now. I am motivated to do lots of other stuff, just not finish patching that wall. Watch us switch jobs and need to sell the house. Then I would be really motivated to do it.


Vernon Mauery September 10, 2008 at 5:04 p.m.

Hehe. Yes indeed it is sad how specialized we are. I finally got around to re-keying the locks to our house. Five years after we moved in. :) And there are still patches on our walls that I have still not textured and painted. I even have the orangepeel! The matching paint is what I don't have. I think for me, it is partly a lack of motivation and partly a lack of knowledge.