I woke up last Sunday morning all worried that we had forgotten to turn our clocks back. I went downstairs and our calendar on the wall even that it was the end of daylight savings, but the cell phone hadn’t changed the time. I did a Google search and discovered that daylight savings had been extended one week this year. OK, I thought. Don’t forget to change the clocks next week.

Well, today next week came. We woke up and had a really good Sunday morning. We were all ready and in the car on time. We drove to church, got a good parking spot and hurried into the building just before the meeting was supposed to start. And the chapel was dark. Ily and I gave each other puzzled looks and our power-walk quickly fizzled into a stumbling halt while the wheels spun in our heads for a minute. Finally it hit me. Arrghh! We missed our extra hour of sleep this morning! How could I have forgotten after last week? What do we do now? We definitely don’t let the boys run wild through the nearly empty building.

We drove for a bit and then got back to the building in plenty of time to help the priesthood brethren set up chairs. We got a great seat in the chapel too. Maybe we should set our clocks ahead every Saturday night…