Happy birthday to Me
We’re a one car family
We will miss you dear Altima,
But we prefer the $650. (For a newer caaaarrrrrrr…)

We sold it. We did. Not really as a birthday present to me, but it did happen to be on my birthday. It still looked great, the inside was clean and looked great, but we were having issues with it. The head lights don’t work at night if the heater fan is on. Problematic. The fan only works on high… but not if the lights are on too. Defrosting the windows is impossible unless you have a towel handy. It stalls a lot. The steering is going out. We think the alternator is dying too. The windows roll down on their own when it rains. The trunk leaks… not the best for the Great Northwest weather. We lost part of the jack.

But someone else still wanted it. I love you Craigslist. Once again, you have taken our trash and turned it into someone’s treasure (Ok, so it wasn’t trash, but the alliteration worked… and we don’t have the mechanical skills to fix it all the time, nor the endless money supply to filter into our mechanic’s pocket… hence making it a large paper weight in our driveway). The guy who bought it, probably knows how to work on it. I hope so. If you have the knowledge, then fixing it could be cheap. We have not the slightest clue.

We’ll see how long we last as a one car family. It was nice to have two cars, but worrisome because we didn’t know if the car would return home every day. Now we will likely buy another car some day, but it is sunny right now, Bryan can ride his bike to work for a few days. He likes the idea of a new bike even instead of a car.

Bryan is worried, his old laptop is gone (thanks to a de-cluttering frenzy from me and craigslist), his car is now gone. I admit that I listed his car Thursday while he was at work- I happened to be posting some other stuff and just thought I would see if we had any takers. We had 13 people email on it. Bryan actually said he is going to start bolting some stuff down so I can’t just sell it when he isn’t home.


Mindy H. February 24, 2008 at 10:38 p.m.


Happy Birthday to you! I love craigslist. Glad you were able to sell the car. Greg rides his bike to school sometimes and he loves it. Good exercise! I hope you had a good day celebrating. Can you come refinish my bedroom dressers? They have ink stamps all over them from the kids. I guess I'll have to learn how to do it. Take care.