I do so love dressing up for Halloween. I especially love coming up with the costumes. This year, I wasn’t really coming up with much other than one main idea that the kids did not go for (I wanted us all to be AVATAR Characters) so I was stumped after they shot down my first idea. Then they all wanted Star Wars characters. I thought, ok, well we have a yoda costume for Reece already. We can borrow the Jedi Costume for Isaac again from my friend Vicky. Micah fell in love with the Jango Fett cheapo costume at Party City that you can buy the matching gun for (I think he fell more in love with the gun really). I wasn’t going to pay money for anything for Bryan and I since I am in a “be frugal” stage.

Then I came across this idea on the internet two days ago and was hit by the inspiration bug. That bug happens to be the one that gives me fantastic ideas that are cheap and easy. I love that bug. So I was going to be Leia. Oh yeah! I was able to knit a hat yesterday from brown yarn with my Knifty Knitter that I bought last year (perfect for keeping us busy and awake during conference) and then I rolled up some dark brown knee socks I had so they looked like hair buns and pinned them to the hat. I wore a long sleeved white T-shirt underneath a long white slip that reached the floor. I had a funny belt that looked Leia-ish and I looked quite the part. I think I looked smashing I tell you. I was a perfect accompaniment to my little Star Wars Family.

For Bryan I found this. I went to Goodwill and purchased some curtains for $7 and went to town making a quick inner and outer robe for him out of them. Paired with brown pants, a simple swath of fabric for a belt, and brown fabric leftover’s to make boots, we had another Jedi. I wish I had thought through the theme enough to make him Han Solo so he could be my official leading man (since Leia and Han go together and all).

I admit, props get very annoying when you are walking with kids around the block trick-or-treating. By the time I got home I was carrying a Jango Fett mask, Jango’s gun, a light saber, and Yoda. And we only made it to maybe 12 homes before we turned around and came back.

Overall it was fun. We met with some friends on the street and went around the block together. The biggest boys were off like lightning. I was in the slower crowd with Reece and we only made it to a quarter of the homes that Isaac did before turning back and going home. I am glad we had all those moms with us so we could split up. There was no way I could keep up with them with Reece in tow. We were careful to visit all the elderly on our street who like the kids and one of them told me she was lonely and wants to babysit for me… Nice!

We went to the ward Halloween party after that. I was careful to leave extra props at home.


shannon November 2, 2008 at 3:14 p.m.

what?! No pictures? Hmmm.
I love theme Halloweens. I bet you guys looked so cute. :)
and cool website. I was looking for some place like that when I was constructing Payton's spider costume, but I never had any luck. I'll have to bookmark it for future use.

Bryan November 2, 2008 at 5:13 p.m.

Shannon, I just added them: