So today I took a quick jaunt to the auto body shop. I know, it sounds very exciting. It would be if I was there for racing stripes or flames on our oh so good lookin’ van. I was there for the specific purpose of seeing if they can fix our passenger sliding door that no longer opens from the inside. The amazing thing is that they can, and they will, and all for free! Wahoo! It is our lucky day! Since they took the door off and apart to facilitate the repair of the big dent that they fixed, it is under warranty for as long as we own the vehicle. So the big news is that next week, we should be able to undo the permanent child lock situation on that side of the van.

Last night we went trick-or-treating and had a great time. Some kids from down the street met at our house and we all went around the block together. The boys loved it. Isaac was Obi-wan Kanobi, Micah was Yoda, Reece and I were elephants. Bryan stayed home to hand out candy. For family night this week, we went over trick-or-treat manners. A few specific manners we went over were to not ask what something was nor say we didn’t like what was given us. At Sister Coppedges’ home, Isaac kept asking what it was she was trying to put into his bucket in a rude tone. It was a foil wrapped dime and he loved it when he opened it up, but oh how embarrassed we were about his question to Sister Coppedge when he said it. This prompted a reminder discussion of the rules of trick-or-treating. At Steve’s home, a handicap man in our ward, Isaac caught me ask “what kind of candy is it?” as I searched for a chocolate caramel instead of a truffle in his incredibly good chocolate collection he was handing out. So there is the proof that our children learned all of their deplorable manners from me, their mother.

We even chose to go to a few homes of ward members who love the visits. Each time we drove up to a home, Bryan had to get out and play chauffeur by opening the door for us in the back. It got a bit tedious…hence my trip to the auto body shop today. Why, you ask, was I sitting in the back? So I could feed Reece candy… he figured out that each house means candy while you are wearing a funny outfit and he would squawk very loudly if he didn’t get some in transit from home to home. I think each child comes out smarter than the last one. I think Isaac was two when he figured out that Halloween and trick-or-treating mean candy. So either Reece is a super genius, or just plain hungry for junk food.