I had a neighbor who is a carpenter make some nightstands for our bedroom last month. They turned out beautiful. After he made them, I got the privilege of staining and finishing them. It took me a a few weeks (I only work on them if I have energy and free time during naps and after the kids go to bed) and I had to give up the coveted parking spot in the garage. But now they are wonderful and I figure that I am awesome because I can finish furniture.

Here are some pictures of the nightstands as I got them and the how they are beginning the look with the first coat of stain. My room is too dark right now to take a picture of the finished product… why don’t I ever think about that during the day?

Remember back to February when I decided to refinish a dresser for Micah who then refused to have it? It sits downstairs instead being very useful holding craft supplies.

This just was an illustration to Micah that I can paint furniture because this week he decided that I need to paint his red dresser because he doesn’t like red. He likes blue. Only blue. So he started stripping the dresser of its paint with his fingernails. Sigh. I have a new project to finish now. So now our garage is littered with dresser parts and I have a bonus project from a neighbor who now thinks I love to refinish furniture so they gave me a cute little china hutch to refinish and keep. (I can’t say I love to refinish furniture-it is hard work, but I love to be busy and more importantly I love the finished project.)

So thanks son. Next time, PLEASE don’t follow my example and destroy the finish on a dresser so that it can be changed to a preferred color unless you get my approval first.

I only got to park in my garage for a few days and now it is full of furniture again.


Mindy H. September 29, 2008 at 8:10 a.m.

Those nightstands are going to look so nice Ily! I've yet to refinish my bedroom furniture. Someday!