Too much has happened since the last blog to really elaborate on everything so I will give a few highlights:

  • We went to Utah last month and had a blast. It was quick, it snowed a bit, we went to the new Children’s museum there (it was awesome); we went to the dino museum at Thanksgiving point (fun time had by all); we saw Julie get teary-eyed describing how her new fiance’ proposed to her just a few days before and see her very pretty ring; we saw my uncle Erik who had been hospitalized a few weeks before and is doing very well now, my grandmother Anne-Marie was there with him from Oklahoma and a few of my cousins from far and wide so we got to spend time with them too for a mini-family reunion; we saw the Joseph Smith movie at the Legacy Theater at Temple Square and it was beautiful and made me count my blessings; we ate at Cafe Rio – YUMMY; we even saw the Purnell sisters in Boise and got to see how beautiful their kids are. It was great and action packed. And then we drove home.
  • We got home to find out that our van had a toxic smell in the back from spilled milk at the beginning of our trip. I am amazed no one died from the toxic fumes, or got sick from the smell. I knew I should have brought my little mean green machine along! I almost did… but then decided to hope that no one would puke and stink up the van… and no one puked, but rotten milk is just as bad. After a few hours of scrubbing the van seats clean, my hands were cramped and worthless, but it smells better now. And finally after 3 weeks I can use my hands again without too much carpel tunnel pains. The next van WILL have leather seats.
  • Shortly after we got home, we found evidence of mice in our home. I will let Bryan elaborate on the story. It was not too pleasant. But we survived. I will say that I can deal with a dead mouse much better than a live one.
  • Reece has fully learned to crawl now. When we went to Utah and stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Coates, he wasn’t coordinated yet. He could scoot places and crawl in reverse, but his forward crawl was just not there yet. Within a day of returning home he got it all down and now he is a fast little guy. My baby is even learning to stand. I am so not ready for that yet! He needs to be my baby for a little while longer. Not my toddler. He isn’t even 9 months just yet. I don’t want him walking by 10 months!
  • Did we mention Reece has 8 teeth now? And that he is eight months old? And that he is showing signs of getting more? I think he is developing too fast!
  • a few months ago I bought this really expensive baby carrier called a mei tai (pronounced may tie) and it is the most comfortable baby carrier ever!!!!! Well, my friend Vicky said to me that I could have just made it myself and that we should use it for a pattern to make more. So we “reverse engineered” my mei tai to creat a pattern and it has worked out great. Vicky made one, and then I thought if she can do it, so can I and now me, Vicky, and even my sister-in-law Melinda are obsessed with making them. I now have made two and so have the others. Melinda even sold her first one she made- so good for her! Now we are entertaining ideas of starting a business to make and sell mei tais! I am teaching a workshop for Relief Society enrichment to teach other ladies in my ward how to make them on the 22nd of March. I guess when I get excited about something, I definitely go whole hog into it!
  • Isaac lost his 3rd tooth last week. He looks so old with it missing! The only hard part about the tooth losing adventure is the whole tooth fairy charade. Oh. My. Gosh. Bryan got up twice to try to make the switch of tooth for Moolah. I got up 3 times to try to do it. Each time, Isaac woke up and cried because his tooth was missing and there was no coin in its’ place. Of course we hadn’t even gotten the tooth, it was just hiding under his sheets in different places each time. He even woke up without us going in. I must say, whoever thought of sticking your tooth under you pillow for the tooth fairy should be shot. Isaac who is normally our soundest sleeper turned into a fitful mess all because he wanted to catch the tooth fairy in action. Little did he know, but he did several times. It was a terrible sleep deprived night followed by a grumpy tired day. It think we will make a “tooth fairy box” that must be left in the bathroom for the switch to be made from now on. Maybe that will make our lives easier!
  • Every year in honor of St. Patrick’s Day we make green food and do some silly little things to make it a fun holiday for the kids. Usually it is green milk, and green pancakes. I got started early this year and we actually made green bread just to try something new. I just added food coloring to my usual recipe. It turned out kinda eerie looking, but still tasted great. The boys had a hard time time trying to eat it. They were afraid of it I think. It just left more bread for the rest of us! And, oh, it tasted good!

I think that is about it for now. We have had a busy month!

Don’t forget to celebrate Pi Day on Wednesday (3.14). It is my favorite holiday! I am making apple pie in honor of the day!