We took Davis and Reece in for their well child checks today and the news is they are doing great! Both are healthy and strong. I think these two will go in for their well-child checks every single year together since their birthdays are 8 days apart. That makes my life easier at least.

As for Reece, he remains tall and lean. He is a smart kid who is hilarious and fun to have around. He was brave today and got FOUR BIG SHOTS and only cried a little. He did great.

As for Davis, we have continued to keep our expectations low for this kid and been surprised at every milestone he has passed with record speed. He has grown to 20.5 inches long and now weighs 6 lbs 14 oz which exceeds his birth weight. The main reason I am excited about this is for a selfish reason: this means I DON’T have to wake him every three hours to feed him. I can let him sleep longer at night if he so chooses… I am anticipating the long stretch of sleep like you can’t believe! I just get to feed him more often during the day instead, and I am very ok with that. Davis is more alert now which is great. We have moved just a little beyond the houseplant stage. The mother bear in me is still very cautious with him and won’t let him get passed around to a lot of people or held a ton during the day. He stills needs to sleep a lot. Which he does do. In fact, about all he does is eat, sleep, and poop. But he does look at you now too in the few minutes he is awake before he eats himself to sleep again. He is pretty cute for a little guy. We’ll keep him.