This was my LAST WEEK TO TEACH PRESCHOOL this year! Yes, there was much rejoicing at the end of the week. The kids declared it was ignore the teacher day on Thursday and spent the whole last 45 minutes blowing bubbles in the small inflatable pool we had up in the driveway instead of doing the last few activities I had planned. They were doing educational bubbles at least. They traced the letters in the water with their straws as they blew bubbles. They were having fun so I didn’t really care.

In Isaac’s class they have been studying some laws of motion so to wrap up the unit all the 2nd graders went roller skating. Any parents who wanted to come were invited. They needed tons of help getting all the skates tied up and picking up kids from the floor. We got to roller skate for free. I decided to try skating since I hadn’t really gone since I was 10 or 11. I was good back in the day. I could backwards skate, I could do a little turn, I could shoot the duck… Add 20 years and 100 pounds and you get one uncoordinated skater. It was like skating through a mine field cause there were kids going down everywhere. Like little bombs waiting to explode into a bunch of flailing arms and legs ready trip you and give you a broken bone or two. Many a parent was just walking the floor in street shoes just picking kids up again. It was quite hilarious. I loved how Isaac just got out there and started skating. I asked how he was doing once I finally was done helping kids get on skates and got to skate myself. He said “Great! I have gone around 8 times and I haven’t fallen since the 7th time around.” I asked how many times he had fallen and he replied “At least 20 times.” He had so much fun and even though he fell several times, he has been asking to go back just about every day!

On Friday it was the annual STAKE Father’s and suns. Our stake still thinks it is a ward for some reason and they can’t do anything hardly on the ward level. Every year Bryan says “I am not going if it is still at the stake level….” but he still goes because the boys would kill him if he didn’t. They have been counting down this entire month for it. I’ll let him tell you all about it. It was fun.

Since all my children are boys and Reece even went this year, I had a whole evening and morning to myself. What joy! What rapture! Oh how much time I had to do fun stuff! I went out to dinner and then dancing with my friend Ruth. When I say dancing, I don’t mean we went to a club and hung out with a ton of single people, we went to someone’s home in Portland who regularly holds folk dancing in her living room on Friday nights. It is a bit of a strange crew who attends, but pleasant. The dancing is definitely fun. I finally learned a dance that I never could do at BYU called Jove Malaj Mome and I count it a fabulous evening just because of that. After that I came home and watched Estonian Folk Dances on You Tube getting myself ready for a performance the following day. I joined this Estonian dance troupe and I can tell you, the costume was hot and itchy, but the performance was so fun and worth it! I got to know the other dancers a little better too. And I may even know the dances a little better today than I did before. I may just forget the dances, but I do ok with it as long as others are telling me which direction to go. What nice people to call the dances for me!

And the best part to end my week with was this: Reece went pee in the potty. He was in the middle of a diaper change, AKA half naked, and I suggested that if he has to go potty before I get back with his clean diaper he can go pee in the potty. I never expected him to do it. So I came back a few minutes later with his diaper and he was sitting on his potty in the living room and he had peed! Hurrah! We all cheered. We did a happy dance. We all had ice cream with Magic Shell on it to celebrate. If he potty trains this month, it will be about 6 months faster than the other two boys. I am not getting my hopes up, because I understand one pee in the potty is not the same as fully potty trained, but it sure is a baby step in the right direction!

So that is about all for our week. Whew! it was another busy one.