Last weekend was a 4 day weekend for us. That’s right, US Presidents are special enough for our school district to declare a very long weekend. Friday the boys played at a friends home for a bit and I started my dresser painting project. Saturday, Bryan took Isaac skiing and I continued my painting project while the little boys got some hard earned tv time. They haven’t watched tv in so long! We also went for a huge walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed the sun…. Yay! we actually had sun!

After Bryan and Isaac got home, the boys all got to go play with Trixie the dog and the Wii at Maresa and Brian’s. I had some car drama while trying to leave the Jackson’s home, but we made it eventually, though I thought I might have to push the Altima home. It will no longer be driven at night until we do some major work on it. Don’t expect us to ever buy a car to replace it, we just don’t move that fast. We might be shopping for it for forever though. We are good at shopping for cars now.

On Sunday, my cousin from Utah came over. She was in town for a college regional mock trial tournament (this is an “I want to be a lawyer” type competition to participate in… looks great when applying for law school). She got to stay a little longer to see us after the tourney was over. We had fun catching up. When giving her the tour of our home, she started saying, “so this is where Bryan drilled into the pipe in the bathroom” ... and “this is where the screwdriver story played out”... it was like being in our blog. Like visiting Disneyland and being in the Pirates of the Caribbean… only more REAL. And cooler, I think.

We took her sledding on Monday and had such a blast. We went with a few other families and it was great to let our kids out to play in the snow. It wasn’t the best snow. We would be walking along and then suddenly up to our hip in snow because we had fallen through. This got tricky while carrying a toddler around who refused to walk on the snow. Eventually, we just strapped Reece to our backs with the mei tai (oh yeah, we still use it!) and then we didn’t drop him when we fell. Our friend Justin Jackson found the biggest whole to fall into while rescuing one of the little kids from a hole. He fell in up to his neck. At this point we all started using our Bear Grylls knowledge from Man vs. Wild. This was not a glacier (pronounced Glassy-er in Bear speak) in Patagonia, but we still felt cool speaking in British accents while we tried to coordinate the rescue efforts of anyone who fell through the surface of the snow.

All in all it was an exhausting, fabulous, and fun weekend. I was so glad to see my cousin and see how well she is doing. Weekends like this one make me tired and happy all at the same time!