Holy Cow- I forgot to post this after it was finished! You get to read about our florida trip no less than 4 months after we took it. So sorry. It was really actually written in April and the trip happened in February, so I was late at writing it up, but not this darn late!!!!!!!!


For the first time ever, we went on a vacation to Florida in February. We went to visit Julie, Bryan’s youngest sister, and her cute little family before they moved away from Florida to head back to Kennewick, WA for the rest of their lives. Her hubs Andy is going to school in Tampa for Audiology which is just a hop skip and a jump away from Orlando so we got to see their home and stomping ground and go to Disneyworld. It was so fun.

We brought Julie and Andy and their adorable son Brayden along on some of the touristy adventures and they showed us around some of their favorite places. We drove around and saw gators, manatees, white beaches on the gulf of Mexico, a swamp, a pirate ship, Universal Studios, Disneyworld and Legoland.

At this point I will interview everyone and ask them what their favorite part was:

Ily- The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter was the coolest place EVER! The coasters were cool. The Toy story ride where you shot things was hilarious and awesome. I loved the creativity exhibited there in all the parks. I also loved that Julie was willing to let Davis hang out with her and Brayden a lot. He hardly missed a nap time thanks to her so he was pretty darn happy the whole trip which is amazing! She is the best Auntie! Thanks Julie for that gift of making nap and quiet times happen while we went out with the older boys!

Bryan- The Incredible Hulk Coaster was my favorite ride, with the Forbidden Journey and the Tower of Terror as close second and third. Overall it was just fun to get away from everything and go someplace nice with my family for so long.

Isaac- Harry Potter World at Universal studios. The forbidden journey ride was amazing.

Micah- Splash Mountain At the Magic Kingdom because you get wet and they had a fun song.

Reece- The forbidden journey ride in Harry Potter world. The flying on a broomstick was so cool!

Davis- Candy. I (Mom) will add that the play grounds were fabulous and he had fun running around with cousin Brayden.