On Monday the oldest two boys returned to school. Reece will start tomorrow. It has been nice to have a quieter house this week and enjoy time with him. Reece has actually happily done things like play with playdoh for hours, build with legos quietly, and help me bake instead of whine about how the older boys won’t let him play with them. The older boys were looking forward to school until it actually happened. Then they were sad that they did not have an extra week home like Reece does. They have “The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side Syndrome.”

We are so lucky that our school has A/C. And more lucky that it is actually working! Several schools in our district do not have A/C and they have actually had to excuse kids from school because it is just too hot to be in the building. Methinks that our school district should not have started school so early. A typical Utah summer is really HOT in August! We actually hit 100 degrees a few days this week. I wonder if these people who run our district are educated, but not very smart? They should have waited a few more weeks to start just so that the kids and teachers won’t die of heat exhaustion.

Davis is getting very busy these days. I feel like I am fighting fires with that kid. I clean up one mess he has made to find the next one that he has moved onto while I was cleaning up his last disaster. He is very curious, which shows great intelligence and is great until you have to clean up after him. His favorites include fishing in the toilet and splashing water everywhere, unrolling entire rolls of TP, emptying drawers of their contents, hiding remotes, finding legos to eat, climbing in the dishwasher, and other busy baby things to do. We have gotten so much better quickly about keeping the bathroom door closed and other such preventative measures. He really is cute in all his inquisitiveness. I can keep him occupied for almost a whole 30 minutes just playing with pencils and an old drink cup with a matching lid that has a hole for a straw. He will put pencils in the hole forever! He is still trying to figure out just where the pencils disappear to. When I open up the cup and dump out the pencils for him, it is like magic! I gave him a haircut last weekend to make him look a little less unkempt and it did not turn out so well. He is a moving target. By the time I gave up that first day, his hair was trimmed in some places and not in others. It has turned into a many day long event to cut his hair because I keep pulling out the scissors to edit his hair a little bit more each day. He looks pretty good a week after the haircut was started.

This weekend we took the boys up the canyon to find a creek to wade in so we could cool off. We had to train Davis in the art of throwing rocks into the water. He took to it quite well. We spent quite a long time watching all 4 boys throw rocks together. I think you cannot be a boy child without throwing rocks. It is in the agreement you sign before you are born or something.

Bryan hurt his back last weekend so we have been taking it easy with him all week. The poor guy hurts himself once a year. He is feeling much better this weekend.

On Tuesday we had ward temple night and we found someone to babysit so we could go. Bryan drove so that he could anticipate all the turns and things and not hurt his back more. He did make the mistake of choosing to drive his car instead of mine though. His little Powerwagon II is a stick shift which saves son gas $$, but is not so comfy for a guy to drive in stop and go traffic with a hurt back. Needless to say, he stayed quite awake and alert through the whole temple session because of his discomfort!

We have been doing mostly well otherwise. That is about all I have to report for this week.