Hee, Hee. This is a great story to write down for posterity. Tonight we had family night and I asked Isaac if he wanted to choose a topic for the lesson. He chose the story of Samuel the Lamanite from the Book of Mormon to talk about and act out. This is one of his all-time favorite stories. Samuel stands high on the city wall to yell at the Nephites to be good and repent and to prophesy of the birth and death of Jesus and then the Nephites throw rocks at him and try to shoot arrows at him and none of them can hit him because he is protected by the Lord…Yeah, fun to act out. Yelling, throwing, socks and bean bags flying all over the house. It is a hit with the kids. As they are getting older and getting better aim though, I am rethinking whether we shall allow them to keep acting this out.

So on with the story. As Isaac was pretending to be Samuel on the wall (AKA a footstool), Micah was chucking bean bags at him. Micah hit him once (which is not how the game is supposed to go) and shouts in triumph “ I got him!” Before we can tell him he isn’t supposed to actually hit Isaac with the bean bags he chucks another (completely confident in his aim now) and hits Isaac square between the eyes. Again he yells excitedly “I got him Mom!”

If Isaac was Goliath, he would have fallen down dead, but being just Isaac, he stood there stunned at what just happened. It was a miracle that he didn’t cry from the injustice of being hit in the face. Now it is never a good idea for a parent to actually laugh at the actions of their kids in instances like this because that only encourages the kids to do it more. We committed this sin. This game will never be tame again at our house now.

We aren’t sure how spiritually uplifting tonight’s FHE lesson was, but it sure was funny!


Julie December 14, 2006 at 12:26 p.m.

that is so funny!