Updates from this month:

  • Davis is rocking back and forth on all fours. Yikes! He will be mobile before we know it! He is a very happy kid and the past few days has barely spit up at all. We may be at the end of this reflux problem. He is even napping now which he has barely done since October so we know he is feeling better. He is up from the 2nd to the 10th %-ile for weight which is also a great indicator that he is doing well. He is filling out a bit and has finally outgrown size 2 diapers and his small size cloth diapers. We are so glad to have our happy baby back and are even more happy that he is really growing now.
  • Ily took all three older boys and herself to the eye doctor at the same time and the eye doctor will actually let us come back. We did not destroy the office as one might think 4 boys might do. The kids were great while we were there. No glasses for Micah and Reece yet.
  • Reece still goes by Diego. He is hilarious. He keeps telling me that I missed his birthday and he needs to have a party. This is actually sorta true. In my defense, we did have a family party. Just no friend party. The day I was going to make invitations to his party and pass them out is the day I gave birth to Davis 5.5 weeks early. After that, I was not about to actually throw a party for anybody. He is feeling jealous that Micah had a party in January and that I had a birthday in February so he keeps being reminded about parties. I will never live that down. His next birthday better be a big party or he will beat me up!
  • Micah has started reading chapter books. My baby has grown up and turned into a book worm! he read 100 books for school (which I know I already blogged about so I bore you with the details again) and that seems to make him think he can read everything. I will not complain.
  • Isaac did a very successful book report for 4th grade in February, which gave him confidence to do another really great book report presentation due March 1st. He normally tries to avoid writing details. He tries to avoid telling them too. He is a short and sweet kinda guy. He has suddenly turned into a kid who actually writes details. I am so proud of him! His teacher this year is fabulous and has finally inspired him!
  • Bryan has been busy with work, scouts, kids, taking the big boys skiing, and he actually read a book recently. I have no great stories to tell about him.
  • Biggest loser camp has been fun for me (Ily). I have been journaling every bit of food I eat, exercising every day, lifting weights, working hard to eat lots of fruits and veggies, eating many small meals instead of 3 big ones, drinking lots of water, and I have finally lost 5 lbs. I am excited about my progress, feel healthier than I have the entire time we have lived in Utah, and I am excited to keep going. I had a nice birthday complete with a lunch with friends, dinner with Bryan and the boys at the quick-serve restaurant of my choice, a date later in the week with Bryan, and the crowning event of getting a new toilet for the boys’ bathroom. Unfortunately, the toilet has given us fodder for another funny story to tell. Be looking for that story in the future.
  • I also survived putting on my second Blue and Gold Banquet. I am so glad it is over. We all got fed, had fun, and the decorations were simple yet attractive. The hardest part was the invitation for the event. We chose to do a cootie catcher/ fortune teller that had all the info in it very cleverly. We had the boys put them together and getting 25 boys to do something useful was enough to pull you hair out. The boys loved folding the cootie catchers. They just had trouble adding all the right info in the right places. Instead of numbers, we had the questions Who? what? When? Where? and the answers inside (where the fortune normally would be). The boys loved playing with them. I hope the parents actually got to see them. People showed up so they got the info somehow.


Maria April 4, 2011 at 4:28 p.m.

are you back in cub scouts again Ily? Whew! Doesn't it ever end when you have 4 boys? You would think they would take pity on you and put you in young womens. Although, come to think of it, maybe that's not such a "taking pity" thing after all. I wouldn't know.

Are you going to come see my new baby or what?