The Fathers and Sons (and young daughters) campout was Friday and Saturday. One of the benefits of being in a stake that has existed in Utah a long time is that the stake own property. I’m not sure how that works out with current budget policys of The Church, but it’s kind of awesome for camping. The property is about 5 miles off of I-80 up past Park City, has nice camp areas with picnic tables, flushing toilets, and a little lake stocked with fish, canoes, and a zip line. The boys had a blast and I had a good time too. We didn’t know to bring fishing poles, and the zip line looked a little too big for my boys, but they loved the canoes. It took some prodding to get Reece out on the water (“are you sure the boat won’t sink, Dad?”), but once he got out there he loved it.


dad murdock August 16, 2010 at 1:53 p.m.

Reece asked me the same question when he went out in Grampa Coates' boat. He looks like he has a frim grip on that canoe.