We had the funnest 4th of July as a family since the epic slip-n-slide adventure year when my idea to make a slip-n-slide ended with Grandpa Doug breaking a few ribs. Still feel a bit bad about that, but it sure was a ton of fun!

Anyhow, this year all of Bryan’s immediate family came over to the Portland area to celebrate with us and Melinda ( who now lives in Beaverton with her family). Bryan, who has two sisters, has always wanted a brother. Now that his two sisters are married (ok, So Julie has how many weeks to go? 3 until the the wedding? we still call her fiance’ uncle Andy even though it isn’t official yet) Bryan has brothers now. He had to wait a long time to have someone in the family enjoy the arts of setting fire to things with as much as Benj and Andy. Doug was enjoying it too. The manly crowd is now even with the chicks. And with all the baby boys we keep making, I think the feminine majority is over for the Murdocks!

In Clark County, where we live, fireworks are legal a few days before and after the 4th of July. We set out our lawn chairs on the front lawn so that we could have a good view of the fireworks that the men set off in the street and it was great. When we ran out of fireworks, Andy and Julie even went back for more! For all of the loud fireworks Micah and Isaac would run into the house and watch out the window. They were so cute watching out the window! When Micah finally said he wanted to go to bed, we put him in bed and he said to me: “Mom, why aren’t they done with fireworks yet?” He slept thru most of the fireworks, but for the rest of us, they went on well into the night. I heard a neighbor complain that at 1 am they were still hearing them go off. I think I was zonked enough to not even notice by then. During the whole night we could just sit on our lawn chairs and watch the fireworks display above the houses all over the neighborhood. The neighbors put on a good show.

I can’t imagine going out to battle traffic and crowds to go see fireworks at the Fort of Vancouver where they have the big show for two reasons: 1) the crowds are insane and the show is good enough at home and 2) We want to be around in case the fireworks set our house on fire!

PS: we forgot to take pictures. So family, if you have any, please forward them on!