Today my primary class was full with all the kids present. It was a workout. Way more intense than yoga or aerobics. Not as hard as a marathon though I am sure. I never want to find out about that comparison really. We had 8 busy little 4 year olds and some of them are challenging. I prayed hard this morning that I could be patient with them all. It worked! More or less. I didn’t yell at anyone at least. Hmmm…. Except my own children who tried to refuse to go to church today. OK, so that nullifies the whole being patient thing. Forget I even mentioned it.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well it all went. Even though I forgot to bring them a snack, which they have been used to, they didn’t mutiny against me. They seemed a lot better than I expected overall. So my new motto these days should be “set your expectations low and then be pleasantly surprised.”

Bryan and I also went on a date yesterday afternoon that included us exercising together. We went to to pool at our fitness club to swim laps. My friend Maresa has been coaching me on my technique and skills and I have shaved at least 10 seconds off my 50 meter swim time in the 10 months that I have been swimming with her. I was excited to show Bryan my progress. So this is the cool thing: I am faster than him now! Shocking I know. He was handi-capped by the fact that he had already received a free weight lifting class that morning (AKA help someone move into an apartment) and he hadn’t been swimming for a few months… But I will bask in my glory when I can! And I won’t encourage a re-match… can’t give him a chance to steal the Fastest Murdock title.


molly curtis October 6, 2008 at 10:22 a.m.

I had no idea you were a swimmer, that is awesome I am excited to start going again this coming month now that I have people to go with. and you go girl on those dressers they are beautiful you do a great job. I am going to take up reupholstering piece here soon as I saw a couch I like but it is missing the cushions and needs re covered. It will be interesting I had a little trial run on a bench top. redoing furniture can be fun but expensive or time consuming it is definitely rewarding though