Last night we went to a park for the mandatory soccer meeting at the beginning of the season to meet your coach and find out about practices and such. There were something like 500 people there all to meet their coaches, get their team t-shirt, and learn the guidelines of the league. We now have 2 boys doing soccer so we had to split up and have one adult at each meeting. I got to take Micah to meet his coach and had to keep Reece with us. So Reece stayed in the stroller for a bit and then he got out and played with the soccer balls and was orbiting around us… and then he was gone. At a park full of people he disappeared. I put him in orange often so I can find him in a crowd if he gets separated from us, but yesterday it didn’t help because lots of kids were wearing their new soccer team shirts, 1/6th of which turned out to be orange. So my little boy who normally sticks out, blended in this time. It was during the meeting when he disappeared from my view so I asked the other parents on our team if they saw where he had gone. They all panicked way worse than I did. They were ready to spread out across the park and search for him, but I am thinking, “oh gosh! that little turkey got away again!”

No Panic thoughts really occurred in me. I guess he is my third so I am more apathetic. Or maybe I am oblivious to him and shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. Or maybe my comfort level has changed, or maybe he saw his dad and ran off to be with him and Bryan thought I saw him collect Reece to take him to the playground, but I didn’t so he really was safe and if I panicked it would be for no reason… Needless to say, I figured my son was not likely road pizza or kidnapped, he is just sneaky and silent and off again. This has been happening a lot lately.

So I finally spotted him a long way off at the playground happily hanging on the bars. I had no clue where Bryan was but I did see Oliver (Isaac’s best friend) so I knew Isaac was in the vicinity so I didn’t rush over there. Also, where Oliver is, there his mother is also, so If Reece biffed it, she might comfort him… Maybe. So now I have spotted him, the other parents are probably thinking, “why isn’t she running off to get him?” and I am thinking, “ My third child sure is getting away with a lot more than my first and second- I would have spanked them for sure for running away… Oh well, let’s finish the meeting and then I will go get him…”

When the meeting was over I went to the park to find Reece and finally found Bryan and it turns out that Bryan had been looking for me and the other boys at our meeting and couldn’t find us, but he did see Reece (and me no where near) just as he was heading straight thru the swings (mind you there are kids on the swings and he could get clobbered by them on accident!). He was too far away to prevent an accident and miraculously Reece made it through unscathed. So Reece is either the luckiest toddler alive, or he really knows what he is doing. He sure can escape easily too. I think he has supernatural abilities. Like invisibility.

So today it happened again. He disappeared at the gym at the end of gymnastics. We were in the far back gym for gymnastics this time because of the team girls getting priority in the big gym. (Also, they don’t want the littlest people getting accidentally hurt if they get in the way of the big girls who are flipping all over and can’t see the little people who might be in the way.) So we are getting ready to go, I am making sure I have boy 1 and boy 2 when I realize boy 3 who was just there, is missing. It turns out he really likes the foam pit so he snuck off and I found him back in there. Again, he could have died because there are girls flipping into there, but hey, he is THE lucky toddler so he hadn’t gotten hurt yet.

Without going into huge descriptions of the layout of the gym I will just tell you that I am amazed with this little boys’ memory, spacial skills, and comprehension. It takes a lot of comprehension to remember where everything is and he had to do some navigating to get back to the foam pit. And he was pretty smart to know that if he gets far enough out in the middle, I can’t get to him because I sink in that pit but he doesn’t.

What can I do with this kid?!!! He is escaping all the time. He is so sweet and cute and I can’t stay mad at him after he runs off. I am going to have to resort to a leash soon I know it! I just don’t have hawk eyes anymore.


Nolan June 26, 2008 at 9:45 a.m.

I'm sure Bryan could rig some sort of rfid alarm that you could hook to Reece, or sew into his clothes, put in shoes, etc. And it would go off whenever he ventures more that 10 feet or so from you.

Mona July 1, 2008 at 9:27 a.m.

You used to escape when you were little also. And there was only one child to keep track of! We even had a neighbor come and return you one time when you climbed over the chain link fence.

We just got thru with an RFID project at the library. All of the books and media are tagged now. One roll of the tags costs $600 and it's missing. If you happen to stumble on it, take a few off the end of the roll and send the rest back (just kidding!)