Now that our stomachs have all settled (well, Reece isn’t totally settled yet, but he’s doing much better), I’m going to start posting pictures of the more enjoyable parts of our trip. The first are these pictures:

Isaac was excited to hike something in Utah, so we hiked Ensign Peak.  Ily, Isaac, Grandpa Coates, Grandpa Murdock, and Bryan all summited. ... See my Tabblo>

Isaac vividly remembers hiking the Y when we were in Utah for Melinda’s graduation and he was begging us to be able to do it again as soon as we got there. We decided to do a warm-up hike up Ensign Peak on Wednesday afternoon, since it’s right there next to Grandma and Grandpa Coates’ house. Ily, Isaac, Grandpa Coates, Grandpa Murdock and I set out and reached the summit. It’s a nice little hike and it was a beautiful sunny day. The view up there was amazing, and it’s always fun to try and imagine what it looked like for Brigham Young and his crew when they first hiked up there and waved their bandannas.

Isaac stayed with us on the way up, but on the way down he just couldn’t wait for us slow pokes. As he ranged ahead he noticed a fork in the trail and he shouted back to Grandpa Murdock (the only person in range) asking if he could go that way. “No,” Grandpa replied, “you’d get lost.”

“It’s OK if I get lost.” Isaac replied, “I’ve watched Man Vs. Wild!”

You know, there probably are some good bugs to eat and a cave or two to sleep in up in those foothills.


Dad Murdock May 6, 2008 at 1:56 p.m.

That was a fun fun hike.