I know we have not blogged enough for the longest time. Sorry. I do have a few brief stories from this week to share though:

Our boys have decided they really want to earn money so I said I would pay them $5 per bathroom if they wanted to clean the bathroom (to my specifications of course) and we have various other chores that can earn them money too. The other day they wanted to earn some money so I told them to go clean the bathroom because it really needed it. They decided they would rather not earn the money.

I was eating breakfast the other day when Davis got grumpy in his high chair and I got him out and sat him on my lap instead. Then he shared everything he had just eaten with me by throwing it up all over me. Twas adventurous.

Today I got my dinner ready in the crockpot and then we went out for a hike to find nearby Bells Canyon. I came home to realize I had set the crock pot onto warm, not high, so our dinner is now going to be ready at bedtime. We will eat it tomorrow I guess. Whoops. I am also too tired to cook now thanks to the hike. Out to eat we go.

I told my boys Tuesday they cannot play Wii after 7:30 am on Wednesday because I was tired of hearing it all day and them fighting over it. They got up before 5 am so they could get their time in. We were all grumpy all day thanks to the early start.

My AC is working like a champ. Love it. The basement is practically Antarctica. The upstairs is just lovely though.

We have been slowly working on our sprinkler system to fix the leaks from the winter and Bryan repaired a leak to find the next one 6 inches away from the one he just fixed. Oops. Once he finally had time to fix all the leaks we had to check the sprinkler heads. Amazingly, they all work. We just have to figure out again how to program the system and then I will no longer have to remember to actually water the lawn with the hose. The hardest part of using the hose is remembering to turn the water off again. I had to pay Isaac a dollar to run home and turn off the hose sprinklers when we left for a few minutes to visit a neighbor that turned into a few hours… Oops.

Davis has four teeth now. Tooth number three was his first tooth on top. It was not a middle front tooth, but one next to it. It totally looked like a fang. It was hilariously cute.


Rachel Morrill June 30, 2011 at 11:17 p.m.

The thing with the Wii is SO something my kids would do! So naughty, and yet, rather smart! I'm struggling with how to handle "screen time" this summer. I hate them having it too much, but sometimes it's hard to keep track of how much they're had. I was actually pretty happy today when both boys lost screen time for the rest of the day!