We love games. I have resisted video games for a long time because of their power to suck you in and never let go. However, I finally gave in. We got a Nintendo Game Cube for Isaac this year with a hope that it wouldn’t take over our lives. It probably will, but it has been fun.

Last night Bryan and I actually stayed up till 10:30 (ok, so that is really early actually) and played Donkey Konga 2. So fun! It is a game where you play the bongos for songs and they give you the rhythms to play. It is kinda like DDR only drumming. And just as addicting. The boys wouldn’t let us take turns so we had to wait until they were spending the night at a friends’ house to get our turn! It was so worth the wait. I can foresee lots of wasted time in the future playing video games after the boys go to bed!