Someone ding dong ditched a cake on our doorstep Saturday night that read “Will you go to MORP with me?” MORP is a girls’ choice dance at the high school.

Which of the men in my house was this girl’s choice? My husband? One of my 4 sons ages 10, 6, 4, or 3 months?

We were pretty sure that the delivery to our house was a total misfire. It must have been for the 17 year old neighbor boy, Zeegan.

We delivered the cake next door to Zeegan. He asked around and his friends knew it was for him… So funny that this girl made a mistake on which house to deliver the cake too! He shared some of the cake with us after he dissected it to find the note inside to see who it was from.

The funniest part about the delivery to the wrong location is that OUR doorstep is really hard to ding dong ditch at due to the winding stairs and bushes that would need to be hurtled if you tried to skip the stairs for quickest escape but Zeegan’s door step has much easier access. This girl must be a track star.


our porch

From October 2010

From October 2010
From October 2010

Zeegan’s front porch… doesn’t this look much easier to ding dong ditch at?

From October 2010