I lived in the NW a little too long because I picked up a weird habit for most young mothers in my generation. I don’t profess to be a hippie, but in an effort to be more green, but really to not spend so much at the store when I go out just to buy diapers and come home with $100 + worth of more stuff that seemed like a good idea at the time, i decided to do cloth diapers with Davis. I am not exclusive, I will use a disposable sometimes, but I make a habit of using the cloth for the most part.

Here is what I am noticing about the experience:

  • Technology has made cloth diapers so much better than they used to be. They will never hold as much liquid as a disposable, so you do have to change diapers more often, but it isn’t disgusting and difficult like cloth diapers used to be. I don’t even have to touch poo (most of the time- there will still always be those rare diapers that are so messy you need a shower after dealing with…).
  • One size diapers don’t really work on the teeniest of newborns. They say 8 lbs on them for the smallest weight of baby for which they work, but I found they didn’t really work until 9 lbs or more. They are fantastic now that Davis has reached the 10 and 11 lb mark.
  • They take up more room in the diaper bag and are much more bulky than disposables, but they are a ton cuter and can coordinate with an outfit which is kinda fun. On hot days, he can wear just a diaper and I think he looks pretty cute in it.
  • As long as you have a washer and dryer available to you in your home, they are really great (I think it would be awful if you had to do the laundry mat since you have to wash them every other day). I hardly go to the store to buy diapers anymore. I don’t have to lug the kids into the store and back out again too frequently. We are home a lot with a newborn, and so it is easy to do the laundry. This also frees up my free time for stuff I would rather do than take a trip to Target, or Walmart, or where ever I would need to go to buy diapers. So far I have been using my free time for sewing, exercising, talking with friends, going to the park, and napping. All of which I can do while the washing machine does all the hard work of cleaning the diapers. And I like those things much better than going to the store. Life is a bit more pleasant without Walmart I tell you.
  • It is so much easier to do cloth on a breastfed newborn than an older child. Their poop doesn’t even need to be rinsed since it is water soluble. It is just a little more work than disposables. When Davis starts eating foods though, it will get a little grosser, but I remember with Reece it was not that bad. I probably should say though that I would not likely want to do someone else’s dirty diaper laundry- there is just something about someone else’s kids’ poop that is a bit unpleasant.
  • Davis knows when he has wet himself. He kinda cries when he is wet and as soon as you lay him down to change him he calms down and smiles at you. He knows that a clean diaper is coming. He is only three months old but he has it figured out. I predict he will be potty trained by 2 if I keep cloth diapering him.
  • I have only had two blowouts in cloth diapers and one of them was barely a leak. I have had about the same in disposables this time around. Actually a few more. The track record is not bad.

Ok so that was more than you ever really wanted to know about cloth diapers and my kids’ bum. My conclusion is they are not that bad. And for some reason I really like them. I like them better than disposables at this point. They are much more convenient for me. I NEVER thought when I started having children that I would ever say that. Thanks to a Northwestern friend named Maresa who was gung ho I am now a cloth diapering mom. Maresa, you rock because you helped me see the light!

I like pocket diapers. Here are some links to pocket cloth diapers that I like:

my favorite

my 2nd favorite

my 3rd favorite

my absolute LEAST favorite

G diapers are just plain weird. They don’t even cover the whole bum with PUL which means more mess every where. I do like the washable inserts for the Flip diaper system though. The disposable inserts are so expensive I will likely never try them.


Jennifer Wise September 27, 2010 at 7:35 a.m.

Wow--that is amazing. The lack of blowouts is impressive, as is the fact that a 3-month old doesn't like a wet diaper. I agree--I bet he will be potty trained before age 2, and I bet he won't even give you any grief about it. That is awesome!

Becky B. September 27, 2010 at 1 p.m.

I just have to say I agree with you on cleaning up some other baby's poop. I don't mind my own son's at all but whenever I change someone else's poopy diaper I just can't get over how gross it is. I wonder if I will have the same feeling when my new baby comes along and I still have to change my 18-mo-old's diapers??

BeckyBailey September 30, 2010 at 11:16 p.m.

I sure liked all those cute covers you made out here in WA that I saw. do you still have to order the material online or do you find some in some amazing fabric store in Utah?

Ily October 1, 2010 at 8:41 a.m.

Thanks BeckyBailey!

As far as I can tell, you still have to buy the fabric online. Though the last JoAnn's ad I got in the mail mentioned diaper fabric, so maybe they have it now? I wanted to go to JoAnn's just to find out! I have not actually made any diapers for Davis... I haven't had time! Between him nursing forever and running around with the other boys, I am lucky to be walking straight!