This blog entry was started months ago in January and never was finished. I am giving you bullets since I give up on full narrative at this point!



  • Christmas treats- We made rolls to give out and a sweet treat too. We put an invite to our New years Eve party and a Christmas card in an envelope and delivered the little bundle with the treat and card to some of our local friends and neighbors. We have ding-dong ditched in the past when we have done Secret Santa and so the kids decided we HAD to do it this year too. It was the funniest thing ever to park far from the view of the door, watch our kids sneak up to the door, ring the doorbell, and run away like crazy mad men. The funniest part is that they left a note (the Christmas card) saying it was us!
  • Santa’s mistake: Isaac got up every hour on Christmas Eve to see if Santa had come. We had to outsmart him. We have 3 fireplaces in our home. Whoops, Santa came to the wrong one- the one Isaac conveniently did not have his eye on. Santa came to the dining room fireplace rather than the family room one. All of the kids were so sad when they got up and thought Santa did not come. “It is all your fault Isaac! Santa couldn’t come because you were awake!” was one line I heard. Another was “We should have been better this year” spoken in such a dejected tone. Boy were they relieved when they went in for breakfast in the dining room and found Santa had come after all. And so it will be one more year before they fully figure out that we are Santa.
  • Evil mad scientists-Bored kids get creative, I have said it before and will continue to say it forever more. What did they do when they were bored this time? They created a bounce house out of the slide in the basement and three large fitness balls. The slide is attached to a play house with an open roof and they tucked all three balls in the play house, which was a tight fit, and that allowed them to stand on the balls and bounce their little hearts out without the balls moving side to side at all. Three kids, one on each ball, can bounce at once. Micah came up with this and he is brilliant I tell you. It was the most popular activity at our New Year’s Eve Party.
  • Hearing aid- my dear friend and neighbor Celestia recently got a hearing aid and was embarrassed to tell anyone she had gotten it. She realized at our ward Christmas Party that it was missing from her ear so she humbly made an announcement to everyone in attendance that is was missing and asked us to help her look for it. We never found it. People were even taking the centerpieces apart to see if it was in there. She later found it at home in her bathroom. She had never put it in! I will laugh about this forever I think. And I will laugh even more when I do the same thing some day when I am in need of a hearing aid.
  • New Years Eve party-after reading stories of tragic car accidents while returning from holiday parties, I have vowed never to travel on the holidays again. It freaks me out! So now I have a plan to stay put, especially on New Years Eve. This year we invited neighbors and friends who live close and had a party that ended with us celebrating New Years at 10 our time- midnight in Eastern time zone at least. We literally told everyone you need to leave by 10:15 because we had young kids and could not keep them up until the real midnight. Unbelievably, we had 49 people show up! It was a blast. And somehow we all fit in our house. It was only awkward when all 49 people were in the kitchen getting treats on their plates. When the kids moved downstairs for movies, and the toddlers moved to the living room for play/wrestling for the same toys, and the adults played games in the dining room and kitchen, and the tweens played Chess and Risk in the office, it all felt just great. It was our best party ever!
  • Christmas lights at Temple Square- We live close to downtown Salt Lake and we decided to go see Temple Square again. The lights were lovely. The best part was seeing the dollhouse model of the Salt Lake Temple in the south visitors center.
  • Bilibo- what is it? It is what you get the 4th boy for Christmas when we have just about everything else. It is an open ended toy. One of those things things that makes you say “hmmm?” For some reason, they ALL like it. You should look it up. You really should.
  • Lastly- Thank you Fusion-IO for going public this year. We were able to cash in some FIO stock options and that gave us freshly paid off cars for Christmas and tickets to visit Julie, Bryans’ littlest sister, in FL. Having paid off cars is a fantastic gift for ourselves. The trip was SOOOOO MUCH fun too. But that is another story for another blog entry that I may get to someday.