The month of December was long, horrendous in some ways, and wonderful in others. Here is the summary:

Crying baby, ear infections, no sleep, crying baby, reflux, Argh, and then bam the month was over.

Don’t read on unless you are bored.

Davis was so fussy and not sleeping except in the car- which makes it rather hard for myself the caregiver to catch some winks. He would exhibit the normal Murdock boys traits of an ear infection, but not actually have one when we took him in to the pediatrician. Then a few days later we would take him in again out of desperation because he was so cranky and he would have one. Or two actually.

Davis was unsatisfied with nursing at the beginning of the month so I thought maybe my milk was drying up and he was starving. We took him in and he was still growing so the Doc said I was not starving him so I continued to do stuff to boost my milk supply but felt better that I was not starving my little guy. He continued to spit up a ton and was really cranky about that. When I mentioned it to the doctor, she said to watch him, she didn’t think it was reflux yet.

Davis continued to be grumpy and gassy especially. He got an ear infection without having had a cold previously. It got to the point where we actually had to take him in on Christmas day because he was not sleeping at all, he was very unhappy, and we were desperate. We thought for sure it must be ear infections if nothing else. And it was reflux. It is amazing that Mylanta can work on a baby and turn him back into a sweet little creature who you want to be around. We got Davis on some longer term medicine to help him with reflux after that and again we have a mostly happy baby. I love legal drugs. Whew! Glad December is over!

On to January… We had a happier baby. Done.

Well, we did have a birthday too. Micah turned SEVEN! I can’t believe he is 7 already! For school the kids in his first grade have been working on reading 100 books by the 100th day of school and he did it! He finished in January long before the February 10th deadline and his reading has improved tremendously. His confidence has grown and he now is excited to try chapter books. Pretty darn cool! I will have to blog about the reward the kids got later for completing this great goal.

Bryan got a promotion and a raise at work starting January 1st. Good job Man o’ the House!

Also, this month was a big one for me because I am Cubmaster for our local pack and we had our first Pinewood Derby for these boys in this stake in a long while. We had so many things fall apart during the month for the event and then last minute it all came back together again. We had 24 boys participate and they all did great. We had a lot to do for it and it was very successful. Without boring you with details, I will say that I survived and my son Isaac especially went home happy with his experience.

Last for the month of January : I decided to join the local Rec Center Biggest Loser camp with my neighbor Suzanne and it has been successful for me. I actually have not lost any weight. I am in last place of all the people who are doing this camp even. Why is it a success you say if the weight has not come off? Well, even though my neighbor and I have hardly worked out together (SUZANNE-spoken stearnly ;)), it has gotten me to the gym 4 to 6 days a week for a month straight after a year of rare appearances there on occasion, changed my eating habits, and I feel great. All this with a nursing baby. I think if I was not nursing, maybe the pounds would melt off. Or maybe they wouldn’t. Anyhow, feeling great is a fantastic thing and I am glad I am doing this. And my clothes are fitting differently in a good way too. I plan to make my healthy habits continue now that Davis is not so cranky and I can actually leave him in the childcare at the rec center without fear of them kicking him out because of his extreme lung capacity when belting out screams. Hallelujah to the fact that he feels better now. Again, I love legal drugs.