Sometimes your parenting mistakes give your kids a chance to really shine. Davis, age 7 (almost 8) was assigned to give a talk in primary today. We parents neglected to help him sit down and prepare that talk this past week. During sacrament meeting this morning (we have 9am church) he mentioned that he didn't have a talk ready. Thinking fast, I opened up on my phone, searched for tithing, clicked the "kids" option in the search results and handed him the phone and told him to pick something from there to read. Then while he looked through the options there I pulled out my laptop that I happened to have with me at church today, set it on the seat while he knelt on the floor, and told him he could type out his talk there. He smiled at me and went to work. By the end of the meeting, this is exactly what he had written down:

the prophet teaches us to pay tithing 1.what is tithing tithing is ten percent of what you ern 2.why do we pay tithing, we pay tithing to build the curch not only that we olso pay tithing to help pay for more temples,and churches 3.what if we do pay tithing,there are at least three blessing we get when we pay tithing 1.confidence,all of us grow greater confidence in asking the lord for what we, when we pay tithinng our love, when we pay tithing are faith in god grows.the prophet teaches us to pay tithing for these the name of jesus christ amen.

I transfered it to my phone and let him read from that during primary. His delivery was was great (he said, "first...second..." where he wrote numbers), and Ily and I were floored.