This week in preschool we are studying farms and farm animals. The mom teaching decided that going to a real farm for a farm tour would be a great thing to do so we rallied our little troops and took them out on a field trip.

We went to a local farm here in Vancouver called Bi-Zi farm and it was quite fun. Sorry, no pictures, the battery was too low on the camera. We got to go on a hay ride, pet some animals, feed some goats, plant a strawberry plant, and get dirty. What could be better? (Pictures to document the fun maybe?)

Micah decided he had to go as a cowboy. This means he wears his cowboy clothes which include: an authentic red cowboy snap-up shirt given to us by the great grandparents, an actual really nice cowboy hat given to us by the same great grandparents, jeans, cowboy boots, and don’t forget the mustache. All cowboys have a handlebar mustache according to Micah. He was so happy to be a cowboy today.

Reece was so happy to be attacking chickens today. He chased them. He tried to squeeze baby ones. He wanted to pet them all and crawl in the little pens with them. Many a little chick almost lost his life today. He was excited about it, I must say. He was happy to have come. I am happy we didn’t have any chick tragedies!

It was a fun day. It makes me want to have a farm. Almost. Hmmm. Not quite. Too much work. Maybe I will just visit every time I can instead!