We actually made it through all 8 hours of the LDS General Conference without falling asleep, for long at least. Bryan dozed during Priesthood, and I only missed a few minutes of one talk due to sleepiness during the Sunday morning session. Overall, it was a great experience and the kids even survived!

We had a return of the Conference Fairy (CF) this time. We started a tradition a few years back to have the CF bring quiet toys and activities to the kids when they were being well-behaved and reverent. It has worked really well in the past. Lately though, I have been getting cheaper with my CF gifts because it was getting too expensive to give a new gift after each session. So last conference I moved to a simpler fare and had Rootbeer as a CF treat for one session and some other little things too. This time the CF brought a new puzzle (argh, it was hard!) and some candy and Popsicles. Isaac has definitely figured out the conference fairy is getting on tighter budget and he had some concerns about it. He was expecting new toys this time. After the first session when no cool toys just for him showed up, just a puzzle for us all, he got a little ornery and he had a hard time being reverent after that. I guess that shows that bribery works… Sigh, I might have created a monster. He was still pretty good, but practicing piano when you are bored during conference does not constitute a behavior that is acceptable in our house! Especially since the piano is in the same room that our TV is in. At least he was practicing “Scripture Power.”

Things we did to stay awake during conference:

  • Baked Bread
  • Put a really hard triazzle (puzzle with triangular pieces) together
  • played little people with Reece
  • Put together easier puzzles
  • Color Wonder coloring books for the kids
  • Kept Reece from attacking the puzzles by taking turns playing with him.

I feel lucky that we were able to participate in the Saturday sessions this conference. I really felt the warm glow of the spirit especially during those two sessions. I feel like Saturdays have been the better sessions for me lately (maybe it is because the boys have had it by Sunday and so they are more wiggly…).

The spiritual highlight of the whole conference for me was when Elder Wirthlin spoke. The tv station who covers conference for us really does a poor job and we got to watch a public meeting at a fire station and yet hear conference for a while and I thought they were messing up the broadcast again somehow when Elder Wirthlin’s voice started shaking. Then I saw his whole frame started shaking and yet he refused to sit down until he completed his remarks. I had tears in my eyes as Elder Nelson came up next to him to help support him so he could finish. And he didn’t finish early, he kept going. His words were so powerful to me. His testimony of the gospel burned into my heart as I saw this frail old man who is 90 struggle to stand and refuse to finish until he had said all that his heart contained. The gospel means so much to him and it made me ponder to what lengths I would go to in order to bear my testimony? i can’t even describe how I felt after his talk, it was just amazing.


shannon October 8, 2007 at 12:48 p.m.

we were also sooooo touched by Elder Wirthlin's remarks and seeing Elder Nelson stand to help him.
I agree . . . saturday sessions are always the best!

Mindy H. October 10, 2007 at 10:58 p.m.

Ily, It sure takes creativity to get the kids to listen during conference weekend. That conference fairy sounds so fun though sorry it back-fired this year. I really enjoyed your comments about Elder Wirthlin's talk. Both men sure showed that they are true disciples of Christ.