Today was one of those days. I woke up, looking forward to teaching preschool, not thinking it was gonna be a bad day. I was thinking, oh Bryan is taking the car, make sure I get everything out I need before he goes. Oh, and the floor really needs vacuuming. And I sure hope my little talk with Micah last night helps him choose to be a better behaved kid this morning in preschool.

Central to my preschool lesson this morning was a CD full of songs. It was in the van. I physically went out to the car to go get the CD, I picked it up, I started to take it inside… after that I don’t remember what I did with it. When it came time to start my preschool lesson, I went to find that CD. I asked the kids to help me (make it a treasure hunt) and we literally searched the house. Sweet Sam, bless his heart, I almost strangled him when he said, “Maybe you should clean up your house so that you can find it Sister Murdock, it is kinda messy. We always find what we are missing when we clean up. Maybe you should give away some of yours toys too. You might have too much…” Thanks Sam. Knowing that his mother has been purging their house of extra clutter and giving away toys, I know that this was him repeating stuff his mother had recently lectured him on, but for some reason it just didn’t quite tweak me right this morning. I have been kinda going nuts about our clutter lately, but not had time to deal with it.

The truth is often painful. Our house is messy right now. We have paper airplanes coming out of our ears (A Christmas present for Isaac was a book on how to make the best paper airplanes). We have too many little happy meal toys that are in every corner of the house. Isaac laments loudly if he finds out I recycled any of his homework so it has to sit in a pile, or two or ten, for a while until he forgets about it and I can then recycle it. The shoes are never on the shoe shelf. Our two year old gets out every toy I just put away… those toys must be more interesting once I have touched them or something because he won’t touch them when they are on the floor. Reece also seems to like toys on the floor. He loves to sprinkle the whole place with them… I have actually caught him very carefully doing this, with him, it isn’t random dumping. The coats are too often in the middle of the floor rather than on the coat hooks in the closet that I carefully placed at kid height. And because I was running late today, my bed was not made. Ok, so the awful truth is that I hardly ever make the bed… but I am trying to make it a habit again since we might be selling our house in the near future and it will need to be presentable all the time. So that was the state of our house today.

So did I ever find that CD? No. It was very annoying. After that my focus was gone. I had wasted 30 minutes searching for it. And then Sam suggested we clean up the toy corner. So we did. Sam Really got into it. He kept accidentally knocking into Lauren in his excitement. Lauren it turns out wasn’t feeling very well, and cried. Poor girl. In fact anytime she got touched today, she cried. I almost called her mom to send her home, she was really not her usual self and felt kinda warm, but I never quite got around to it. Anyhow, I didn’t get anything right with preschool today, and had to deal with Reece hitting too often, and Micah misbehaving so much, and Lauren being so sensitive, and Sam preaching about clean houses some more, and Ethan just being an extra body… I finally sent Reece upstairs to watch tv (no one to bother up there) and Micah to his room. By the end I wanted to cry. I was crabby.

Then I made lunch for the little boys. After it was all made, Micah cried with big fat sobs that he wanted macaroni, not bean burritos. Ouch. That stung. He did not even tell me he had a preference for lunch and he surely got mad at me that I didn’t know what he wanted.

After lunch my friend called for a recipe and I decided I would make that recipe for dinner. She wanted my yummy Red Beans and Rice recipe which really was a mix of three recipes and used whatever I had in the house. I figured that sounded good and I would make it for dinner today too. So I made it. And it was yummy. Except Isaac refused to try it and balled his little heart out because I would serve him something so terrible. Micah did say it was yummy though after quickly being willing to try it. He may have been the thorn in my side this morning, but he sure made my heart feel a tad bit better at dinner.

Isaac also had a homework block (similar to writer’s block- actually that was his problem) and was quite often found being quite distracted rather than getting his work done tonight. He got to miss basketball practice as a consequence. Imagine more and more tears and you can get the main gist of my evening.

Fast forward through the day. I found that preschool CD back in the van this evening. I must have set it back down in there in the exact spot it had been before without thinking. Argh.

So here I am am downing Cheetos, the comfort food of the night, blogging about my woes. I wish I had some biscotti and hot chocolate instead. The cheetos are helping me cheer up a little. It must be the MSG or something.


Gretchen January 30, 2009 at 7:22 a.m.

I had one of THOSE preschool teaching days recently. But the next day was much better. Hope that's true for you too! GOOD LUCK!

Melinda January 30, 2009 at 8:56 a.m.

Oh Ily I love ya!

Mindy H. January 30, 2009 at 9:31 a.m.

I hope your day goes much better today! Those bad ones sure make us appreciate the good days!