On our short road trip to visit grandparents at Christmas time, the van got really messy. On our daily travels to preschool and basketball, and church, and the exercise club, it got messier. After our trip to go skiing, it was downright embarrassing how dirty the van was. The problem with cleaning it though is that is is easier to do in the driveway where there is more light and there are less walls for the noise of the vacuum to echo off of. And it has been raining too much to do that type of thing in the driveway. So let’s just say that dirty job got postponed for a “non-rainy” day.

On Saturday Bryan tried to take Isaac skiing and it was raining their whole drive up there and even as they climbed in altitude, it was still raining. So they got there, and turned around and came back, because no one wants to ski in the rain. That is just cold and no fun. So when they got home, of course, it magically stopped raining. Go figure. And thus we had a non-rainy day thrust upon us and even though all we wanted to do was nap, we decided it was high time to clean out the van.

Cleaning out the van is a whole family chore. The kids help make the mess, therefore they get to help clean it up. Armed with brooms and Lysol wipes, they can get a lot done actually. We removed everything that could be removed from the van. Car seats, the actual benches, all our junk, all wrappers and garbage… man! It is too embarrassing to list it all. Reece had a little hand broom that he just hit the benches with. He later got a wipe too to use on various surfaces (not sure if he did much, but he was happy). Micah got to clean out all cup holders and help whack the seats with a broom. Isaac was sent to wipe down all surfaces without carpeting or upholstery. Roomba was sent to clean the floor… Yes that is right, Roomba vacuumed our van while I used the vacuum on the seats that were all sitting in the driveway. It was great. That robot vacuum got most of the floor. It couldn’t get over the anchors where the benches lock in, but it went around them and got almost every bit of carpet. It was pretty dang cool.

After cleaning the van, it feels almost new again. My first thought after putting it all back together again was to take pictures and put it on so we can sell it! It looks so good, maybe potential buyers won’t notice that the drivers seat is stuck in the most upright position. Nor will they notice the other minor details because it is so dang clean! My lofty idea faded when I realized that I don’t want a reason to have to purchase a new van this week to replace the one we are selling. So we aren’t going to sell it today, nor tomorrow, but maybe I won’t allow food consumption in there anymore so we can sell it next month and not have to give it such a huge deep cleaning.

Or maybe I will just enjoy it in it’s clean state and hope nothing else breaks in there for a while.


Nols January 14, 2008 at 7:50 a.m.

Maybe you need to make a van cleaning program for it so it can make it over the seat mounts!

Bryan January 14, 2008 at 10:33 a.m.

Yeah, unfortunately it didn't really look completely like a software problem. It has two big knobby drive wheels that could easily drive over the mounts, but it has a small plastic swivel wheel in front that usually couldn't make it up over the lip. A couple times it did but then it got stuck in the well. It was kind of cool to watch it try and get unstuck. It goes forward and back and actually raises itself up and down on the drive wheels. It really did try hard before giving up and singing out the "uh-oh" beeps. I was impressed with the little guy.

One time it hit one of the seat mounts head-on and straddled it with the little wheel just to the side of it all the way down the length of the van. That was really cool.