We are decorated for Christmas. The new door looks great with a wreath, and some garland. The tree looks great even though only the top half is decorated since the baby keeps running off with those bottom decorations. We have lights hanging in the windows out front since we did not feel a need to buy a ladder tall enough to reach the roof to actually hang the lights there. It turns out the green dining room looks very Christmasy with red and white stuff thrown around. The led candles on a 5 hour timer I impulsively bought at Costco that turn on everyday in the evening make my mantle look cozy and pretty. Christmas cards are arriving in the mail and being displayed on the wall. It feels much more festive inside than our first Christmas here when all of our decorations were in some warehouse in Seattle waiting to be delivered to us until 4 days before Christmas (and who wants to unpack decorations when you have a zillion boxes to unpack so you can have other essentials instead?).

The hardest part of this season has to be getting addresses for everyone we want to send Christmas cards too. Then finding time to write a letter to go with the card is a bit hard too. We did have a great time today getting our cards ready for mailing. The assembly line technique we used for getting Christmas cards ready was fantastic! Mom doing addresses, Reece doing stamps and return address stickers, Micah stuffing the card, Isaac stuffing the letter, Bryan sealing the envelopes, Davis creating messes for us to clean up later…

I think this will be a nice Christmas season for us. Hopefully we will sleep for more of this season than we did last year (Davis hardly slept and was so miserable with reflux that we even took him in to a doctor on CHRISTMAS DAY- that is desperation I tell you).