During this economic downturn and era of expensive gas we have been trying to save some money. How you ask? Well, for starters I am teaching my own child preschool. I actually do a co-op with some other gals and we take turns teaching all of the kids. Next week is my week to teach again. I love it really. The kids are great, I love them all, and I actually enjoy teaching that age. This was to free up some money for other projects that preschool tuition would have eaten up.

And what do I do with that extra money? I drive all the way over to the mall area (5 miles away) so I can take Micah and Reece to gymnastics. For a long time I wasn’t even enrolling them in gymnastics because of the inconvenience of driving over there. Five miles seems like a lot to me these days. But Micah wanted to go. Micah never really wants to go anywhere, so I sacrifice and take him to gymnastics. And since Reece can’t abide not playing in all the cool stuff too, he has to be in a class also. Hence I pay a different kind of tuition. And I am no longer saving a ton of money on tuition. And it is funny to note that I didn’t start driving so much around town until gas prices started rocketing upwards. Oh well, at least two of them are happy and the new van gets better gas mileage than the old one.

How else am I trying to save money? Well, when my carpets gets dirty, I hire Super Ily to clean my carpets. She is my crazy alter ego who can never rest until the job is done. Yes, me and Super Ily stayed up late tonight cleaning just the living room. Does it look good? I hope so, I can’t really tell. The lighting is so terrible in this house at night. But I am guessing it looks tons better after all the brownish gray water I poured out of the carpet cleaner today. And let me just tell you, that water was gross. But Super Ily approves of the cost savings so I am happy with the job well done.

Ahh, and here is another cost saver. I finished painting that hutch black. It still has some natural finish on the drawers and doors as an accent. Best of all, I didn’t have to go buy a hutch and pay someone else to refinish it (did I mention I didn’t really need one either?). And at least I didn’t even have to buy new paint for it. I had some left over from other projects and there was enough for this hutch. It is really cute so far. I just need to put on a few more finishing touches before I post a picture. Wouldn’t you know it is an 85 year old piece or so and I can’t find new handles that fit it? The hunter green handles on it right now kinda look awkward at this point with the black face lift and all.

One more cost saver is that I make my husband fix his own bike these days. What a handy man. He has been out in the garage for a few hours tonight trying to replace a tire that went flat this morning only to find that the new tire he bought wasn’t the right size and that he just had to repair the original again. The rainy season has started, I hope he gets his good bike ready to go again soon. The back-up bike has wimpy fenders and currently bad brakes. He is so good to put up with not having a car. I feel bad that I can’t give up the van for him.

Making bread for ourselves will save us money too, I just know it. Forget that I like good ingredients in it like honey and dry milk for extra protein for the boys and it probably costs more than store bought expensive bread, but hey, it is good and nutritious. And the boys will eat it. And because we are gearing up for the day that the economy falls apart, I went and bought 100 lbs of flour today. We can have bread at least once the stock market crashes. So I actually do need the flour, I was running out and use a lot for my bread, but I did feel kinda funny pushing a cart around Cash N Carry with all that flour on it. This supply will likely only last me 3 months.

So the money saving things I did today include but are not limited to: preparing all my peppers from my garden for storage in my freezer; packing lunches for me and the boys so we wouldn’t have to go out to lunch while we were out today; buying some food storage; steam cleaning my carpet myself, making my dinner instead of going out; performing TLC maintenance for Roomba so I don’t have to buy a new one; exercising to cut down on medical bills in the future; and who knows what else.

My big question is “Why does saving money cost me so much energy?” I am a bit pooped after the busy day.


Steffenie October 7, 2008 at 8:24 a.m.

We are also trying to cut back. We recently went down to the basic cable package. We are thinking about loosing the land line for the phone. We plan on not turning the heat above 62 this winter. We will probably play in our bedroom with a small electric heater. I am trying to eat more oatmeal in the morning so we cut back on our milk consumption, which is limited to breakfast only. Every little bit counts!

Bryan October 7, 2008 at 8:53 a.m.

Hey, don't feel bad, Ily. I really do like riding my bike now that I have that nice new one. Biking is fun!

I'm getting better at the little maintenance jobs too. For example, after last night, I now know where to look for tube size and I know to look closely at the stem length of the tube. I also know that I should do all that before spending 20 minutes trying to figure out why I can't get the tire back on and the stem to stick far enough through the hole in my rim. Starting before 10:30 pm is another thing I learned to do last night.

Steffenie October 19, 2008 at 9:44 p.m.

No news in 14 days!!! What is going on over there?

Melinda October 20, 2008 at 1:52 p.m.

I think if I didn't have to worry so much about saving money things would be a lot easier too :-)