Every time Bryan goes “out of town”, someone gets sick. Today it was Isaac. He threw up at breakfast. Today was the first day that Bryan went to work in Bingen, WA and he only drives an hour to get there. Does this mean we HAVE to move to Bingen immediately so we won’t have sick people in our house every day?

On a random note, this weekend I had a dream… you know one of those non-premonitory dreams that really bug you but have no meaning… Well I dreamed that Bryan got an email this weekend that told him that Insitu didn’t really have a job for him and that he didn’t need to bother to go into work on Monday. Dreams like this freak me out. But then I say to myself that I am not clairvoyant and it isn’t true. Then I calm down. Then life is hunky dory. Until Bryan comes home at 10:30 in the morning after having just left at 7 am to go in to his new job. And he is smiling?@#$@@^@! What is up with that?!

It turns out that the company policy is that on the first day or work you have to bring in two valid forms of identification from this approved list: Driver’s license, social security (SS) card, valid passport, or notarized birth certificate. But they changed their policy recently without telling Bryan that either a birth certificate or a valid Passport are required as one of those forms of ID. He only had his license and his SS card. He could have driven home to get those and then driven back, but the guys at the new job said “Whoops, we know this is our fault, let’s just send you home. We’ll try it again tomorrow… Seeing you back here in two hours (round trip to Vancouver and back) isn’t worth it. See ya tomorrow.”

So now Bryan is home with us on a GLORIOUS SUNNY DAY and we have all the kids home even. But we can’t just play hookie because Isaac threw up earlier in the day. So what do we do? We see if Isaac can hold food down in his stomach and once we determine he is fine, which amazingly he is, we head out for a hike. What says sick day more than going on a hike?

Today we visited the Audobon society in Portland. It was great. The sun was delicious. Glad we could go. No one else threw up. Bliss. Enough said.

This reminds me of the time we tried to go to my friend Jandy’s wedding in Boise when Isaac started throwing up in the car halfway there (just at the top of Cabbage Hill in case you are curious). We stopped at a hotel overnight in Pendleton to see if he would get over the stomach bug and we could proceed to the wedding when Micah started spewing in the hotel. At this point, we have lots of yucky laundry and a van full of puke and we are only 30 minutes from Bryan’s parents house so we just go over there to clean out the van before we give up and drive home (it smelled too yucky to just drive home without some serious cleaning). Once we get to the Murdocks’ house and the van is clean, everyone is fine and we go out and have a wonderful weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. We even hiked and played at a park. It was a glorious weekend that started out horribly.

And today was just like that weekend of Jandy’s wedding. Started with puke, yet ended beautifully. We still don’t know why Isaac got sick today, but he got to be home to enjoy the sun instead. Let’s hope Bryan’s commute does not induce sickness tomorrow too!

***FYI: That second little story (and a few others too really) is why we paid extra $$$ to get the cloth upholstery pulled out of our new van and leather put in. I would seriously love vinyl flooring instead of carpeting too just because it would be so much easier to clean vomit up during experiences like that. Let me tell you, I love how wipe-able leather is.


Julie April 21, 2009 at 10:16 a.m.

That sounds like an awesome first day of work!!

Mona April 21, 2009 at 4:39 p.m.

Glad you had a good outcome for the day, considering the start of it!

As far as ID is concerned with new employment, employers cannot specify which documents they will accept from an employee. This statement is on the I-9 form that the Dept. of Homeland Security has issued. As long is you provide item(s) from the list of acceptable documents and they are not expired, you can pick one from List A, or one from List B & one from List C. Sounds like a Chinese restaurant menu!