The weather this fall has been nice so far. We have been wondering why we are moving because it has been so nice here. And then today Bryan drove off to start his new job in Utah. And the nasty rains came.

I took the boys to their soccer games and Micah’s game at 10 was decent weather. Then the sky turned gray and started rumbling during the last 5 minutes. Reece was at the playground 200 ft away. I decided I would let him play a few more minutes before I took him to the van for a jacket just so I could go and drop off the chair and soccer bag in the van before I had to drag him away to go to the next game in a few minutes. Just as the game finished we felt the first few drops of rain. I sent the older boys to the van to get their raincoats and realized I left Reece’s at home. Then it started pouring. Pour little Reece was dripping by the time I reached him and all I had for him to stay dry was a lovely blue and pink vinyl tablecloth. I wrapped him up and we ran off to the van. And now we were all wet and cold. And I could not take them home and leave them with Bryan because he was on his way to Utah, almost 200 miles away at this point! I found a friend to watch them and keep them warm and on my way to her house, I got a call saying the game had been canceled.

So I turned around and came back for my third wet child. We are all still cold.

RAIN. That is why I am glad to go to dry Utah this winter.


Karen October 17, 2009 at 3:28 p.m.

Yah, I hear that snow is pretty dry. he he

Jennifer Wise October 18, 2009 at 12:05 p.m.

Yes, the glorious, wet, NW. You probably won't have to carry too many dripping kids to the car in Utah. So Bryan has started the job and you guys will follow when the house sells or something?? I hope things go well for you guys!