Micah had been begging for his own room for quite some time. He even started camping out on the floor in the living room so he wouldn’t have to sleep in the same room as Isaac. We decided we would try to switch the boys sleeping arrangements around on New Year’s Day to give him his own room. It never happened due to other constraints, but we were able to give him his own room for his birthday on the 16th of January.

We found this really cool loft bed to put in his new room and he was super excited. The arrangement was nice for everyone. Reece refused to sleep on the second bed in the new room with Isaac saying it was Micah’s still, but he was fine with sleeping on the little couch that he had been sleeping on in his old room. Overall Reece and Isaac have never been such good friends as they have been since they became roommates and Micah enjoyed his space. But after a week and a half, Micah now refuses to sleep in his new bed anymore. He is adamant in wanting to sleep with the other two boys. He misses them. So now they all sleep in the same room.

The brotherly love is kinda cute. The hard to swallow part for me is that I spent a lot of time and energy making the new room work and now he wants nothing to do with it. I wanted Micah to have a great space for himself so he could feel happy, not just like a squished in middle child who gets the bum end of the stick all the time. I moved furniture. I searched all over Portland for the right bed. I cleaned out a room. I gave up my lazy boy in there. I worked hard. And now they all just want to sleep in the same room. I guess we don’t need 4 bedrooms in our next house!