Today we had black beans for lunch. Knowing that my boys would not eat them of their own free will, I bribed them with Cheetos… For each bite of beans, they got a Cheeto. Reece held up his first Cheeto and said proudly “ Barack Obama! I’m eating his head.” And then he gobbled up the Cheeto. He did this several months ago too… has it been that long since I served Cheetos? And wow, does he have a good memory or what to bring that up again? Anyhow, for some reason he thinks our president is a Cheeto. Poor guy, I would hate it if people thought I was crunchy and covered in orange cheese powder all the days of my life.

For the record, I promise we have not been calling our president names to be a bad example to our kids. In fact, we hardly talk about him. We talked a little bit of politics at the table during last year’s election, but there was nothing about the candidates looking like Cheetos. I swear!


Julie November 5, 2009 at 7:29 p.m.

hahaha, that kid has quite the personality. When we were baby sitting during dinner one night we were all sitting around the dinner table and the boys started saying abracadabra (sp?)make fill in the blank. It went on back and forth between Micah and Isaac for a while and I could tell Reece was trying to join in on the fun, but couldn't get a word in. All the sudden he yelled abracadabra make Isaac do everything Reece says! haha. Andy and I enjoyed that!

Cousin Kate November 7, 2009 at 8:31 p.m.

When I read your post, I had to take a step back. The first thing that went through my head was, "Obama isn't in Washington state, he's in DC trying to get the House to vote Yea on health care reform. I wonder what Ily is talking about. Did Obama make a run to Washington state this afternoon? Strange..." Yes, that all went through my head in less than a second. Then I read your post and realized I haven't seen Reece in forever! Can't wait to see you again and catch up!