I Know. All babies change. And they change fast. Well, our baby went from houseplant (premie + newborn stage), to super cute (beginning to interact), to grumpy beast (reflux snuck in), and back to a pretty cute kid recently.

He slept through the night 2 nights in a row….Ahh. So nice. Every baby looks beautiful after Mom has slept through the night.

He has made some changes and advances lately that are also noteworthy.

  • He grew eyebrows. We just made the official observation last night. They have been there for a while, we just forgot to notice that he had them after NOT having them for so long. We think he did not have them just because he was born premature. He also did not really have nipples as a newborn either, so he wasn’t just missing eyebrows. But to see the eyebrows there now, that makes him look so much older!
  • Plus he has turned into a super eater. We found these great items called Baby Mum Mums that were not around for our earlier babies and he adores them. He can scarf them pretty quickly and they teach him how to feed himself with less chance of him choking because they pretty much desolve in saliva.
  • He graduated out of the Baby Bumbo and got him a portable high chair that we set on the table just like we did with the Bumbo (WARNING: Babies should never use a BUMBO on a high surface such as a counter or table… And yes we did the exact opposite.) He loves eating where he can see all of us.
  • He has finally reached 15 pounds. Occasionally people will ask why he is so small and I just have to smile at them and reply that he was born premature so he is a bit on the petite side. In all actuality, all of my babies were skinny, but Davis has finally reached the 2nd percentile whereas the other boys hung out in the 50%. As he spit up again for the umpteenth time last night, we reminded ourselves that he is skinny thanks to Reflux. We are super pleased with 15 lbs and he is filling out. The Reflux medicine is helping him gain weight which is fantastic.
  • He is starting to interact with toys more. Sigh Yesterday he started an elementary army crawl to get to a few of his toys. Oh my, I am not ready for him to be mobile. I refuse to help him learn that skill. I better start carrying him more so he can’t practice!
  • He actually took decent naps these last 2 days. Normally he only sleeps for 20 minutes or so… which does nothing rejuvenate Mom. I think someone stole my non-napping baby and gave me back this nicer variety of child. This just proves to me that the Reflux medicine is helping him feel better.

Well, that is about all I have to report on right now. We are doing great and are mostly healthy and happy. So glad for those blessings right now!