On August 1st, Davis’ due date, we began to venture out into the world again. I tried to go back to church for the first time that day and was 2 hours late. It was not a successful attempt at all. I did get my dream calling that day though. I am now CUBMASTER. All the sparkle and fun of cub scouts, but just once a month, with very little real responsibility and planning. I just have to be goofy, spice up handing out awards, and make pack meeting enjoyable for the whole family and not too long. I can do that and I love it! Later in the month Bryan was given the new calling of SCOUTMASTER... all the responsibility of planning scouts and none of the fun like I will have… He will do great, but it will stretch him just like it did last time he was scoutmaster. With 4 boys, I bet we are going to be involved in scouts for a very long time!

We enrolled the boys in ice skating lessons at the rec center that is a block away in order to get us out of the house. This was no easy feat to get us all there in ice skates, on time… but we did it! We conquered! And the boys are much more independent skaters now. It was pretty darn fun. They even had an end of session show which they performed in. It was awesome.

ice skating show

We explored the canyons around us a bit more this month and found that Little Cottonwood Canyon has all the perks of being far enough away from the highway that fewer people go to it, yet close enough to us that we can get to some great family hikes in 20 minutes. Living close to the canyons here definitely has its perks. We found Lisa Falls, trails at Snowbird ski resort, a pond that moose visit, and some fantastic places to climb on huge rocks. Davis just chilled out in a mei tai carrier the whole time we explored.

Grandma and Grandpa Murdock came this month to meet Davis and spend some time with the other boys. I guess they came to spend time with us too, but we aren’t as cute or interesting as the boys. It was nice to have them around and do some fun stuff with them. Thanks for coming!

Bryan took the boys on the stake fathers and sons (and young girls) camp out and had tons of fun. Best night of a mother’s life.

Ruth, one of my favorite people, came to visit and meet our new baby. She brought her daughter out to BYU and got to stay with us for a while before she went back home to Vancouver.

Last but not least, this month our boys started school yet once again. I was so excited for them to go back so they would not be bored, so they would not make messes here, and so they could be challenged and do fun things at school. It turns out that they aren’t here to make messes, but they really were helpful around the house. I miss them. I am sure the baby misses them too. I will have to re-learn life with this baby without three older brothers to help all the time. Even Reece is gone a few hours of the week to preschool… I am glad for the quiet time, but do miss some of the noise!