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Davis Wrote His Talk All on His Own

Canyons Youth Symphony 2018

Brighton Music Festival 2018

Abravanel Hall 2018

Lucky 13 years

Scripture study

July 2012

Oh the trouble this little guy can get into.

Summer Fun

4th of July Day Trip to the Uintahs

Summer Fun: Trafalga

Florida Trip

Memorable Father's Day weekends

December highlights

"Remember the Time when the Pinewood Derby Track didn't show up?"

Christmas is coming

Brighton Meadows Campout 2011

First week of school-Done!

This week was fun

Adventures of late

"Bye John!"

Porter Rockwell Trail

Khan Academy

Because we need to see a cute messy baby

June Bug Birthdays

The Oven Saga

Dreadfully far behind

Memorial Day Weekend

Reece Got His Cast Off

Rock Arches! Arches rock!

Cast Rocks!

Reece Has Something to Show Off

February 2011

Baby changes

The 100th Day of school

December 2010/ January 2011

Davis Eats Solid Food

Secret Cow Milk

Reece's First Day Skiing

The New Front door is here!

Contrary day

Yumm, Turkey dinner

Davis Sits Up

Davis Being Cute

November 2010

October 2010

Reece is funny

September Family Newsletter entry that never made it public

The Blog is back!

Nasty Puzzle

You don't really want to know this, but I will tell you anyhow

"Mom look at this!"

Ding Dong

I've got Joy

Davis month 3




Labor Day Weekend 2010

Maybe I shouldn't be going out very much.

what you can get done with the kids gone to school

Davis at 2 months

My babysitters

August happenings

July in a nutshell

June Family Newsletter that never got sent out... but I want to remember this stuff so I am posting it here!

Ice show

Fathers and Sons 2010

Reece's B-day present

Some pictures from June

Bath time

Rough day.

Davis at 2 weeks

Family Photo Shoot... That is now very outdated.

'Twas a Miracle

Davis at one month

My apologies...


Little Cottonwood Adventure

This is the place

Wouldn't you freak out if you heard this?

Curiosity leads us to do all sorts of things

Just some random things I want to remember

Lucky me

Great News!

Demolition Derby Pics

Provo Parade

Weekly Update

Status report Sunday July 4th

Ice Skating in July


He's Home!

Status Report Sunday June 27th

4th Boy Pictures

He Has Been Named

small joys


The cutting of the hair

Is the house the money pit or am I?

The Dining Room transformation

One car family

Just thinking out loud a bit

Sweet Stuff and a happy Mother's Day

More pictures of house updates- finally

Road Show Pictures

The Lost Adventures of February and March


The joys and sacrifices of service.

Pacific NW versus Utah continued

Brighton, 2010

Super Sweet!

The Design Company


Monster Jam

House Updates without pictures

There is one good thing about getting a new fridge in the winter in Utah

Washingtonians in Utah

A New Murdock


We have discovered the Rec Center

Transformation #1 in the pink house

This is our new house

Unpacking Our Stuff



Barack Obama came for lunch today

Tell me something I don't know

Bryan is on the road

The Fabulous Granola Recipe

Induced Draft Assembly

The Good Stuff

Done Commuting

The cutest house is for sale on our street

What NW fashions will get us funny looks in Salt Lake City?

Maybe you heard it through the grapevine

Scroll back a bit

August highlights

Birthday Rocket

Seattle Fun

A careful list of what I have forgotten lately

This is hilarious!

You may not care about this, but I sure do

HOT Hot Hot

Anniversary Trip Pics

I've never

The trip part II

You have reached the Murdocks, we aren't home right now so leave a message and we will back to you as soon as we can. (BEEEEEEEP)

Unwanted Diet Soda

Greasy Reece

Warning, if you come to visit us this month, be prepared to witness nudity. Sorry.

Like a good neighbor...(humming in your head)... State Farm is there...

Fun times this week.

Rough Commute

Oh woe is me

Our first Pinewood derby


Micah Rides

Happy Mother's Day, 2009

Ok, we are alive. We just aren't posting much.

Bryan's first day of commuting

Son of the Power Wagon

Spring break '09

Changing Jobs

Light Saber

What will we do without a club membership?

To TV or not to TV?

The bill

Bean Salsa Recipe

Happy Birthday, Ily, Bryan Has a Job

Refried Beans

Baby Tai Give Away

Ily: Practical Joker


Diaper Power

A presidential lunch

Happy Valentines Day

I can read. And I can watch a movie. I haven't done that in ages!

The Birthday party that will go down in history

The Blue and Gold Banquet

The most awesome purse

We forgot to mention this before

The Maker in Me- AKA Adventures with Fuzzi Bunz.

What makes the Acura car jack so awesome?

Brotherly Love

Come Commiserate With Me

My Lab in the News

Sweet Poetry

Yeah for Birthday Number 5!


Decemeber '08 in review

Do my ears decieve me?


New Bathroom Floor

The best and easiest treat I know how to make

Something that should have made me cringe, but didn't.

Murdock Coffee Shop

Raked Leaves Yesterday

Early Christmas gifts

More Canning

More Halloween

One blissful thing admidst a whole lot of drudgery.

The Master Bedroom

October Pics

The Projects

Why I have been busy this month


Humility is...

Already Voted

Lego Mindstorms

Busy saving money


Ha, ha, ha! Don't ever follow my example

Let's go back in time one month

Pictures from the baby shower

table pictures

Why do a little when you can do a lot?

I always need some sort of motivation to get stuff done

Impromptu Soccer


Home improvements

Our first son is now officially a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The New BYU Rival

Wild Party

Random sleeplessness

The fun and the fiascos

Changing Tires

Family Portraits, Summer 2008

I Bike, Therefore I Am

A walk down Memory Lane

July revisited

the elusive toilet bowl cleaner

OKC Adventure Log: Pictures, Part 2

OKC Adventure Log: Pictures, Part 1

Saving some Moolah.

Why our 9th year together has been wonderful

OKC Adventure Log: The Rest of the Story

OKC Adventure Log: 7/04/08

OKC Adventure Log: Quick Update

OKC Adventure Log: 7/03/08 -- Arrival in Oklahoma!

OKC Adventure Log: 6/30/08

OKC Adventure Log: 7/01/08

OKC Adventure Log: 7/02/08

OKC Adventure Log: 6/29/08

OKC Adventure Log: 6/28/08

Escape artist/ the story of an unobservant mother

"Meatball, I need you!"

Reece's B-day Pictures

Fathers Day Gift

Reece's 2nd Birthday

Lucia Falls in the Rain

Stuff worthy to write up

The dumbest player ever

The rant of the day

I want to sew again!

Bridal Veil Falls, Oregon

The New Ride


Cowboy Micah and his little partner Reece visit the farm

THE Quilt is Back!

Graduation Ceremony

Discovery Gateway

Ensign Peak Hike

No end in sight yet

I think we are taking a turn for the better!

Update * Two more flu victims

I love my Maclaren Stroller, it is more dependable than I am.

9 years ago today

Official Results

We are the champions! Beaver Freezer sprint triathlon 2008

5 Little Monkeys

Let There Be Hot Water


Family Newsletter

Like Father Like Son

Happy Easter

Murdock Bikers

Some Basketball Photos

38 loaves

******Picture Update******

the 30 something party

Happy Birthday to Me

Fun President's Day weekend!

The Drama of the Dressers

The LLLLLLLLooooooooooonnnnnnnggggggg drive home

A Late Birthday Present

Ready. Set. GO!

Twenty loaves and counting

Ily's test kitchen

Oh man, I officially love the bosch mixer

The Annual Sledding Event

We will miss you!

Pictures From Micah's Birthday

Reece Learned a New Word... GraySkull

We Have Left the Three Year Old Stage Behind. We hope.

Cleaning the van

My mixer is coming!

Winter Fun at Cooper Spur


The Roomba Works!

Ummm, I ordered it, I really did.

My Birthday Present Arrived

December Pictures

The First Annual Pancake Picnic


Christmas traditions

Christmas Plans

There so much more noteworthy things to write about, but you get to read this.

The van hunt begins

Me and my crazy ideas

"I need My keys!!!"

Now Safe From Spambots

I Should Have Seen That Coming

My sweetie

Cool Fishing Pictures


Broken Camera, Lots of Pictures

Happy End of Daylight Savings

How to Download Our Pictures From Tabblo


What will we wear for halloween?

Halloween isn't even here and I am already thinking about Christmas!

Conference Weekend

Uncle Bang's Monumental News

The Magic Piano


Isaac Learns to Ride

More Missing Photos

The Missing August Pictures

August sure went out with a bang

Moulton Falls

Life with boys

Wright Cabin Trip

We're Home

Julie's Wedding

The Office Is Coming Together

The system was down

July 22, 2007

Fabulous 4th

Old BYU friends

Where did the time go?

Use Firefox for the Internet

New Look

Reece Turns One

Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Memorial Day at Lucia Falls

May Flowers, Gardening




A wart and a derby

What I've Been Working On, April '07

I love you Craigslist!

March '07 Pictures

Closing Choir Number

President Monson's Talk

Site Search

Mei Tai Madness


Friends Page

Prince of the Potty

Green bread, mice, and rotten milk. What a great combo.

2008 Presidential Campaign

Why A Professor Believes

Uncle Erik

We got a piano!

Happy Groundhog Day


It's Already January 21st?

"9 A.M. church better than 1 P.M. church," Considered an Understament


A little bit of info about oil slicks

Reece update


Donkey Konga 2

Skiing and GPS Fun

Oil slick

FHE Blooper

Laundry room

Cold Bike Ride

Flood Damage on Mt. Rainier

Crazy project lady has struck again


October '06 Photos Posted

Calling All Family

I am an Auntie!

Jason Lloyd

Lacamas Park Hike

Still Waiting for a cousin to be born

4 months and growing

Proof That Our Boys Love Each Other

What I've Been Working On

Spanglish and Ears

Summer's Last Hurrah


Reece's Baby Blessing

A Little Behind

Isaac Lost His First Tooth

Reece's Feet

Reece is One Week Old!

Reece John Murdock

Lloyds Visit, Joy School Graduation

Sandbox, More Wildlife

Isaac Soccer Movie Test

Korean Treat

April '06 Activities

Wild Kingdom in the Backyard

The Joy of Joy School

Knee-Deep at Alta

Winter Weekend Continued

Isaac's First Ski Trip

And The Rain From Heaven Was Restrained

It's A Boy!

Website Updates

Scoutmaster No Longer

Bryan Gets a Job!

Kid Language

Bryan Loses His Job (sort of),

Isaac is now four years old!

Camping at Battle Ground Lake

Updated Main Page

Lots of missed news

Thanksgiving in Oklahoma

New Online Photo Album

Snow in Vancouver, WA!?!

Halloween Pictures

New Baby Ultrasound Pictures!

Camp Pioneer (Scout Camp)

Nolan Wright came to visit

Alta ski trip

A Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a move back to Provo

We had a Happy Halloween!

Dagmar, Ily, and I (!) made a cool quilt for Ily's Grandparents

Job Offer from Hewlett Packard!!!!!!!

Two Trips to Kennewick

California Adventure

Oregon Coast Trip

First pictures from Vancouver!

With Winter Semester over, the Murdocks head back to Vancouver