It’s been a few weeks since the last bit of family news. I’ve finally cleaned up the pictures we took this month and put them online. I figured they could use a little explanation too.

OK, let’s see. The weekend after the hawk visited us we went down to Jantzen Beach in Portland. I sold our broken DVD player on Craigslist and the guy who bought it wanted to meet me there (don’t worry, he knew it was broken, he wanted the parts). We rode the carousel after the Craigslist transaction at the McDonalds there and looked at some cribs. We also left our lights on while inside and had to get a jumpstart on our van from a nice woman in the parking lot.

Isaac’s soccer season started this month. He’s on a team with 4 boys and 4 girls. They don’t keep score and there are no goalies. His coach is the mom of one of the boys and they have a lot of fun. The first two games it rained and was pretty cold. They let him keep his coat on, thankfully. Last Saturday was beautiful and the game was much more fun for everyone. Isaac totally digs running around in his cleats and shin guards.

With the return of the sun Ily took the boys to the zoo. They saw the new warty pigs exhibit. Micah is still talking about the “piggies.”

In another Craigslist adventure, we bought a new crib. This craigslist thing works out OK for us, better than we’ve done with Ebay. This was being sold by a family just north of Vancouver who is moving. Ily wanted something with smooth wood that was sturdy. Something that would resist the wrath of Micah the Mauler. He bent the frame on the garage-sale crib that we used for Isaac and him, but so far this one has withstood his curiosity. The most the boys have done to it is attach a rescue hero to the bottom.