Adventures from this week:

I vacuumed out my vent in my bedroom the other day thinking there must be some sort of blockage because it wasn’t putting out as much air as the other vents… Well, whatever I vacuumed out was small enough to fit in the vacuum hose- but barely- and it made this fwup, fwup, fwup, noise all the way up the hose and it sound pretty solid. I seriously hope it was non-living. Eww…

Did I mention that Reece lost his first tooth this last week? He was so excited that he had a loose tooth finally. For dinner one night I served corn on the cob. Whoops, the tooth came out when he bit into the corn! He panicked at first and then got so excited… The tooth fairy would be coming-hurray! Isaac said that Matt Bailey, a friend of his from Vancouver, says that his mom is the tooth fairy… which led to the logical reasoning that since I cannot be the tooth fairy, I deny it completely, then it must be Becky Bailey, Matt’s mom. They wanted to stay up all night to see Sister Bailey switch the tooth for money. I giggled at that whole experience and wanted to share it.

My boys took turns being sick all week with fevers. First up were Micah and Davis on Sunday. Then Isaac on Tuesday. Then Reece on Thursday… but of course Reece had to one up them all and add vomiting to the adventure. Fevers are so easy to deal with. Why did Reece have to rock the boat? He was at least able to make it to the bathroom to throw up. He is growing up so much! I hold to the 24 hour rule for illnesses: don’t go out and touch things other people will touch until you have been well for 24 hours. As a result, we did not leave the house much this week.

We did leave the house Tuesday morning for playgroup because everyone was well at that point. We went to Flat Iron Mesa in Sandy. I bought some ice blocks at the grocery store before we went and the boys had a great time sliding down the hill at the park with their friends. I think they will remember that event with fondness. I am glad we are making fun memories. While there at the park, the other moms helped me count out the boxtops for education that I am responsible for counting for our school. We counted out $380 worth of boxtops. I think I am pleased with this number! I had gathered these at the end of the school year and finally got around to counting them. Afterwards, we brought some friends home with us from playgroup and were making a day of friend play. Then Isaac complained of a headache that really went with a fever… To bad we exposed every friend of ours that day!

Last night was our annual stake Fathers and Sons camp out. Bryan took the older boys and found only two other families from our ward there. They managed to have fun even though very few of their friends were there. This year the boys tried the zip-line and fell in love with it. The zip line runs over the lake and they were not heavy enough to make it all the way to the other side of the lake to dismount so they had to drop into the lake to get off of the line. Sounded like a dang good time. Brighton 1st warders- you missed a fun time!!!!

Davis is walking now and has another new talent too: Climbing. I found out that he has this new skill in this manner:

click-click, click-click.... I heard the light in the linen/game closet clicking and I could see through the crack in the door that indeed the light was being turned on and off. I went to investigate because I could hear the boys elsewhere in the house and I did not know who it was doing this. I opened the door and there was Davis perched on the top step of our folding step stool pulling on the string, smiling as if he just figured out the coolest trick in the world. The step stool now has to remain folded up for safety!

Later in the day: plink plink plinkety plink on the piano... There is Davis standing ON THE PIANO BENCH playing the piano. The bench was pushed in so he did not have much room to stand even. He had pushed his cute little push car up to the piano to use as a step stool up to the bench. It was so hard not to gasp when I found him, which could have startled him and made him fall down. Again, he was smiling big when I found him. The push car has been moved to the basement now where there is no taller furniture to climb onto. Smart little cookie! Gotta outsmart him :p

School starts on the 22nd of August for us. This summer has flown by. I still have lots of stuff on my summer fun list that I wanted to accomplish. I will cram as much into this next week as I can. Then we will have to change the name of our list to the Saturday fun list and hopefully have time to get it all done!